60 days left and I have bombs not butterflies for Africa

Tomorrow is a landmark day.  It means I have just 60 days left until I get onboard the plane and head off to Africa on one of the most eagerly anticipated journeys I have ever taken and I have to say that instead of butterflies, I feel like I have a pirates war worth of cannon balls going off.

But before you all give me cookies (double choc chip and nothing less) and tell me that it’s ‘going to be ok’; I’m not scared, just anxiously nervous (yes, there’s a difference).  I’m also overwhelmed with excitement (I mean, honestly, it kicks butt to tell someone you’re backpacking through Africa) but the trip has so many ‘firsts’ for me that that in itself overwhelms me.
Am I even making sense?  God, give me a cocktail STAT!

Look at it this way:

My first trip was only last year.  It was 3 months around the tourist trail in Asia and I didn’t go very hardcore i.e. to a Buddha temple in the middle of nowhere for meditation etc (though I did drink in a Buddha bar– does that count?).  But just over a year later I’m going to one of the most troubled (and yet jaw-droppingly gorgeous) continents in the world with pretty much no idea what I’m doing and whilst I LOVE IT, it also scares me, hence the reason I feel like I have a pirate war going off in my stomach. YARRRRR!!

It’s pretty epic by anyone’s standard but for me?  I’m overlanding 7 countries in just 6 weeks meeting bushmen and Masai Warriors!!!  I feel like I’ve gone from ‘travel virgin’ to ‘travel Madame’ in 15 months flat and it scares the crap out of me (well, not literally, unless those choc chip cookies were bad?!).

Granted, I’m cheating a little in the sense that because I’m overlanding all the way through, all my meals, transports, equipment and storage etc is wrapped up in a box with a neat little ribbon BUT….

We’re talking 4am wake-up calls….I can barely get out of bed and into work for 8am and even then the girls at work know that I’m not worth talking to until about 10am when I actually start to wake up (though I’d like to make it clear that I’m ALWAYS worth talking to haha).

– I have to clean a trucks worth of people’s dishes when I can’t even do mine and mums at home.  You think I’m joking? When I was a teenager we argued so much about dishes and left them for so long that she eventually went out and bought a dishwasher! I may have to bring some Marigolds!

Camping…I’ve never been and I’m about to do 41 days of it!  That’s 41 mornings of ‘it’s 4.15am; smile at me one more time and I’ll punch you’ moments,  41 ‘*insert tent buddy name* OMG I can feel something moving in here’ screams and 82 ‘why the f*** do we have an extra piece of the tent’ sessions!  An adventure in its own right.

And don’t even get me started on the cooking! I can only just about manage dinner for 2 but shopping AND cooking for 15-24 people?  They’re either going to eat like Kings with 2 helpings or become Oliver Twist with ‘please lady, I want some more’.  Sheesh!

Let the countdown to ‘firsts’ and adrenaline fuelled fun-ness begin…

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  1. Awwww, it’s normal to feel anxious, I know I do!

    But you’ll kick ass and have the best time ever 🙂

  2. Whoa dearest, calm the hell down. On your next post, I want you to focus on the positive aspects of this trip. I’m sure the pros will outweigh the cons. You’re going to freakin’ Africa babe! Africa! Sure, you’ll have to do some manual labor and share a small space with someone but you’re going to see some wicked cool shit along the way. I’m envious!

  3. No worries, you’ll be fine! 4:30 will become second nature to you before you know it…once you’re in that schedule you’ll get used to it, and wonder how you were a monster til 10am before. Have a blast…I would love to do something like this!

  4. i used to bribe my younger sister to wash the dishes at home… i hate doing it LOL

  5. Forgive me for not following the topic sooner, but what are you doing overlanding in Africa? Sounds like you got yourself a job, or maybe a volunteer holiday? I should really search for the posts about it.

    Regardless, fear is normal of course. You will have a great time. And after 41 days, you will either love or hate camping. I start to hate it around day 3 🙂

  6. @Lauren – I’m going to kick Africa’s butt…nicely of course hehe It’s just the realisation of what lies ahead; daunting but in a truly excellent way =)

  7. @Elle – it’s ok, I’m not THAT worried about it all…I’m very happy about it all =) It’s just the ‘not knowing’ anxiety that I had the same as I did before I went to Asia last year. I’m very excited about Africa, it’s just all the ‘I don’t knows’ but as much as I’m anxious about them, I’m also incredibly excited as I get to find out more about myself =)

  8. @Katrina – ‘4.30 will become second nature’…I’ll hold you to that and if I’m still grumpy, I’ll tell everyone they can blame you haha. Kidding. You’re right, before I even realise it’ll be easy =D And you can do something like this – keep reading =D

  9. @Flip – ‘high five’ =D Glad I’m not the only one…I think even the simplest of things are going to be an adventure haha

  10. @Ian – no, no job/volunteering, just an adventure that I’m self-funding but I’ll be blogging for the company that I’m going with =) I better make sure I love camping then huh? haha

  11. Haha I love this! Definately pack some Marigolds! Seriously though I’m majorly jelous, it’s going to be SUCH an amazing experience that you will remember for the rest of your life… I’m looking forward to hearing all about your adventure xx

  12. @Jennifer – I totally can’t wait for Africa! It’s going to be hard work because of the early mornings, camping and cleaning etc but the pay off will be immense…hope you’ll be able to follow my journey with me =)