A big hello from Namibia!

So it’s been a week and we need to catch up with each other. I have to warn you, however, that the internet is shocking in this part of the world so sadly there won’t be any photos because I can’t upload them. Keep checking out my Facebook page to see if I can upload them.

Right, so are you in a comfy seat, got your alcohol? Let’s begin.

Cape Town. Well if they call Africa the Motherland then Cape Town was in one bitch ass mood when I got there. The weather was awful and within half a day I was already at the local shop buying a sweater…Mickey Mouse on the front – sexy or what?! Yeah I’m rocking it! Friday was spent hanging out with a girl I met in the hostel on the hopper bus for a tour around the city taking in everything from the old Apartheid area to the base of Table Mountain so I got some amazing views despite the fog and cold.

The first day of our tour was spent in a local township which was pretty fascinating and actually quite fun mainly because before we realised it, most of us girls had little children attached to them….mine was holding my coat and the others were holding their hands; very sweet. It was also fascinating to hear about apartheid etc namely because I was pretty ignorant and naive about the whole thing.

Before we knew it we had boarded Mara (our truck) and were beginning our drive north which showed us some surprising scenery. One minute you could be mistaken for thinking we were in the English countryside with vast green and yellow fields, the next we were in vineyard territory like France and then arid landscape looking like Arizona – very bizarre. The tents were easy to put up but I know that we’re all going to learn to hate them pretty quickly. We woke up in the morning to temperatures that shouldn’t be fit for a human to sleep in and everyone could feel the chill to the bone…we were not happy people that day.

The next few days after that were pretty much a blur. Tents down and packed by 6am, breakfast, (average) 250km drive, lunch, another 200km drive, campesite set up, dinner, sleep. All you have outside our truck window is scenery for as far as the eye can see whether it be plains or mountains/dunes etc but occasionally it will got like this:
landscape…landscape…landscape…OSTRICHES!!!!…landscape.…landscape lol It’s so bizarre watching herds of Springbok or Ostrich (and even Baboons) on the side of the road when you have only ever seen them on TV or in a zoo. I’m proud to say that I actually ate Kudu the other night which is part of the antelope family and it was devine! One of the best steaks I’ve had!

We watched sunset over Fish River Canyon (the second largest canyon in the world that no one is likely to have heard of) which was incredible with just us, the wind and a gaping 500m canyon. Definitely gave us the feel good factor.

On Wednesday we spent a day doing, what I can only describe as, torture with rewards too great to write about. We woke up for 5.45am to go and climb Dune 45 in the middle of the Namibian Desert to watch the sun rise. It was 80m high and a total bitch! We all got exercise-induced asthma so coughing our lungs up and some of us spat some blood (yes I did…I also couldn’t decide whether I wanted to faint or pass out so I did neither) but I did it…I made it to the top to watch the sun rise!! We then spent the afternoon walking deeper into the desert to visit a dead sea before going for an evening walk with a bushman on his farm. We climbed another (far smaller) sand dune to watch the sunset and it was heaven. 19 people, landscape as far as the eye could see (with no one else on it) and pure silence.

We’re currently in Swakopmund, a seaside town, where we’ve had a couple of days to ourselves to recharge our batteries…we’re even staying in a hostel – pure luxury haha! Tomorrow we move on again and I look forward to what comes up but not look forward to the tent making and early mornings etc…they are killing us! I’ve never had a massage at home in my life but I’m already planning one for the second I get back – I am in so much discomfort it’s not even funny.

And so the things that you really want to know…

I have pee’d in a bush! Oh yes people…my first day of driving and we all got out on to the side of the road, dropped our pants and went for it with nothing but a bush as high as our knees to spare us. It’s GREAT/hilarious for a bonding session but not so great if you get stage fright (yeah it happens). Also not great when you get a reed somewhere you really don’t want it. Africa 1 – Dignity 0.

Our group. A mix of really random people. 3 English friends, 2 German friends, 1 German guy, 1 Korean guy, 1 Korean woman, 3 Chinese women, 2 English solo women, 1 English solo guy, 1 Australian single guy and moi but on the whole we’re all getting along really well though that will change I’m sure. The chinese woman have NO SOCIAL AWARENESS at all and will regularly walk towards you when you’re squatting over a bush (causing said stage fright). They’re also all deathly afraid of the sun to the point where they are wearing face masks, anoraks and gloves. I know it’s their culture and there’s nothing wrong with that but if you have to put up an umbrella in the truck because the sun is coming in, something isn’t right.

I’ve made a couple of decisions about my trip too and don’t think I’ll be doing half of the activities that I had originally planned. I’m not sure but now that I’m here, I just want to sit back and take it all in. I want to speak to the local people and get to my surroundings rather than do something superficial. I still plan on doing the Devil’s Pool etc just not everything I had originally said…maybe Africa is changing me already haha.

Sadly there won’t be any private parties this time around unless some of the people we pick up along the way are hot and single…such sad news right?! Damn it lol.

I’ll explain more next time but I’ll leave you with this for now…I’m pretty sure I don’t like who I am.

Catch up with you in five days time…

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  1. The first few days of travel are always a little overwhelming. I think it’s great that you are realizing exactly what you want to do. Sometimes not sticking to the original plan is best. I trust that you will have everything completely figured out and in the end, you’ll look back on this whole trip with tons of awesome memories!

  2. Sounds like fun! And also like you went on a pre-booked guided overland tour of sorts…did you? Your itinerary actually looked familiar to one I found on a travel agency website. Just curious, since I wanna take the same route one day when I visit Africa =)

    Recharge batteries and dont die please 😉 keep having fun despite the cold!

  3. Glad you’re enjoying yourself — well, apart from early wake up calls and tents! — and seeing things most of us never have or will!

  4. Good try, we all know you’ve done much more than just PEE in the bush. Let’s be honest here. <3

  5. Ahhh peeing in a bush. Such sweet memories……try peeing in a jug. In a caravan! Shameful.
    Glad to hear you’re having fun hun and throwing yourself into your adventure! I actually can’t wait 5 days till your next post, seriously!!!! 🙂

  6. Sheryll – I’m really glad that my plans have changed slightly and I’m adapting to my surroundings. Taking things as they come is sometimes the best bit!!

  7. Maria – I’m travelling with Acacia Africa but there are LOTS of different companies that do this itinerary and similar ones…I’ll send you an e-mail when I get home with the details if you want? I have no plans on dying – too busy living 😀

  8. Heather – the early mornings and tents are horrid but the pay offs definitely appear to be worth it! Can’t wait to get homeand show you all some of the amazing photos!

  9. Elle – I’ll have you know that I have yet to poop on a bush…that is reserved for a hole in the ground lol

  10. Beverley – peeing in a jug? My aim isn’t that good yet lol. It’s such a shame that I can’t add photos to my blog posts but the internet over here just isn’t strong enough to cope!

  11. Did you pee on top of the bush or behind it?

  12. Ed – Depends which bush you’re talking about haha