A look back on my trip so far…

So let’s get you all caught up…

We left Zambia earlier than expected due to the election results. A new president was elected which meant that whilst some were rioting, others were partying hard, as in firing guns just for the hell of it. And I don’t know about you but a bullet in the butt is not a souvenir I’d want to come home with. And so we’ve been in Malawi driving around the lake which takes up a third of the country! It’s so big that it has currents, waves and you can’t see the edges; it looks like a sea only with freshwater.

We’re also just over the half way mark (with only 2 weeks left!) so I felt it appropriate to share some of the things we have said and done over recent weeks…with a slight twist.

Lessons learnt:

-Washing lines not tied tight enough will cause the need for a second wash.
-Having one of the group tug on a loose thread on your dress will cause one of your boobs to pop out.
-If you hear a buzz in your tent, don’t spray repellant; you’ll gas yourself.
-Talcum power, moisturiser, water and tiger balm are all you need whilst you’re on the truck.
-The Dutch are HOT!
-Wearing a fasionable bikini to jump into the Devil’s Pool will lead to BOTH your boobs jumping out (I’m sensing a pattern here too…it’s not just you noticing it).
-When bush camping, remember to take spare underwear or you’ll be going commando.
-Peeing in a bush at the side of the road when it’s windy is not conjusive to keeping your shorts dry.
-Don’t be in a supermarket when there is a power cut. Security guards will lock you in and you won’t be allowed to leave until the power is back on and you’ve paid for your stuff.
-Also, don’t get locked in the truck when your driver moves the vehicle because you will panic and think he’s heading to town so will frantically knock on the window shouting ‘stop!’.


-Talcum powder changed my life.
-Girls like stars and hugs.
-Feel sexy; get laid (mine, of course)
-I’m not drunken
-Kudu tastes better when its dead
-Neukin in de Keukan (you’ll have to Google German translate that one haha)
-I’ve tried it both ways and liked it.
-You need to have a naked pillow fight with chocolate sauce.
(said at midday outside) I swear it’s getting hotter out here.

Things I’ve eaten:

Kudu – antelope family
Zebra – better than a beef steak.
Crocodile – melt in your mouth.
Pap – maize and water. Looks and tastes like mashed potato but isn’t.
Baboiti – mince beef, chutney, tumerick and eggs on top…yuck.
Poiki – essentially a beef stew.
The food on this trip has been amazing and our guides are good at what they can do. We’ve had everything from sausages and mash (with onion gravy!) to chicken stuffed with feta cheese and spinach with sides of jacket potato and roasted vegetables – yum! I better hope my mum isn’t reading this or I have a feeling she’ll be forcing more adventurous foods on me when I get back! Haha

Let’s see what the next two weeks brings shall we? Yes. Let’s.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip, even with all the wardrobe malfunctions!

  2. Erik

    I love it again!
    That sentence is not German… 😉
    Question: how many Dutch people have you met on this trip?

  3. I feel obliged to like this post purely because you kept talking about your boobs.

    I too worship crocodile. Good stuff!

  4. Erik – it’s ridiculous how many wardrobe malfunctions I’ve had but yes, by far the best thing I’ve ever done was get on the plane and come to Africa =)

  5. Chris – never feel obliged hun but I’m glad you appreciate it lol.

  6. Erik – Glad you’re enjoying it hun 🙂 Ok, ok, I’ll go back and change the post just for you :p
    I’m not just talking about Dutch people on THIS trip – every Dutch I’ve ever met has been hot lol

  7. Haha! Those sound like hilarious lessons to be learning! 😀

  8. True. That sentence is not german but Dutch and it is “Neuken in de keuken”. 😉

  9. Jessica – thanks for clarifying that for me 😉 It’s AWESOME in whatever language haha

  10. Audrey – I can assure you that some of them weren’t funny at the time but looking back they made me smile 🙂

  11. Erik

    I see that Jessica knows her Dutch…

  12. Malawi Lake sounds amazing, and I would love to try crocodile! I can imagine that it tastes like prawn – am I right??

  13. Jess – Lake Malawi definitely has to be seen to be believed! 🙂 Crocodile has the consistency of fish but it actually doesn’t taste like fish, more like chicken with a ‘fishy flavour’ haha.