A look through a short telescope – the 7 links project!

I say short telescope because I’ve only really been getting back into blogging in recent months (shocking I know) but I’ve somehow managed to write a few impacting posts so here goes my 7 links with Tripbase…

My most beautiful:

Where my story first began…

Whilst I only published this post earlier this week it is, without a doubt, one of the most honestly written and moving posts (even to read back myself) I have ever completed.  Tears rolled down my cheeks as my fingers typed the story that my mouth was too afraid to speak and in return I received some amazing praise for the strength of my character which made the whole process even more beautiful because of it.

Most popular:

7 Reasons why I hate the British Summer

I wrote this on a beautiful sunny weekend in my seaside hometown after seeing a bit too much ‘tackiness’ going on.  Beer guts were proudly displayed, hankerchief hats were worn (dear god) and tan lines didn’t correlate to the shape of their clothes and I needed to rant =)


Most controversional:

Road romance or one night stand?

This post actually came about after ‘travel talk on twitter’ was given the subject of romance for the week.  I think we all knew that the talk would quickly descend into porn-related chaos and sure enough it did =)  I therefore decided to write about my ‘private parties’ when travelling and talk about the fact that it can actually make your trip that much more special.  It wasn’t controversial because people thought it tasteless but because of the subject and the fact that everyone was stunned and yet congratulated my honesty!

Most helpful:

Travel bible – your essential pre-trip planning

Whilst I didn’t receive any comments for this post, I definitely feel it is my helpful as I think people have lost the art of what a written journal can do for you and your travelling journey. Whilst I’m a huge fan and avid user of the internet and its social networks, there is something fantastic knowing that you’ve created your own own scrapbook/guide!



Success Surprised Me:

 6 Ways to tell you’ve been travelling for a while

This post was written about the ‘symptoms’ you get from being on the road and travelling for a while such as forgetting time and dates and that you begin to talk slowly even to English speakers because you’re so used to it.  I was poking light-hearted fun at myself but got quite a bit of interaction on how long-term travel affects other people.

Didn’t get the attention it deserved…

Songs that took me around the world

I got a few tweets about this but didn’t feel as though people ‘jumped on the bandwagon’ and realised just how much of a part that music can play in travelling.  Whether it’s listening to a song on your ipod as you walk through a market or hearing reggae live in bars around Thailand; I felt that people missed the point of how special it can be for your memories.

The post I am most proud of:

Sick bag not included in this jealousy-inducing post about my adventure

If I’m truly honest, my story was the post that I was most proud of as it took a lot to write it for everyone to read BUT my second has to be the post in which I announced my plans for travelling for 6 weeks through 7 countries in the African continent.  I talked about going cage diving and coming face to face with the Masai warriors and it made (and still makes) me very proud to be able to say that despite not many people doing it, I am overlanding Africa!  Words I never thought I would be able to write!

Thank you Tripbase and Runaway Jane for making me take a long look through a short telescope – it was a great view!

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  1. Great list! I’ve been following you long enough to have read most of these posts when they came out. Nice stroll down memory lane, I’m sure it was for you as well!

  2. @Erik – love that you’ve been following me and I’ve really enjoyed/appreciate your feedback along the way =) Long way it continue hehe