Ok so hi!

If you’ve accidently stumbled on this website then good for you (welcome), if you’re a friend/family member or work friend you don’t count because I already told you about this place (but thanks for coming lol) and if you searched for me then we are now soul mates and you can never leave (joking!).

My name’s Toni, I’m about to turn 23 and I guess I’ve started this website as a way of ‘writing’ down my ideas and thoughts as I plan my travels for 3 monts around South East Asia next March, go on mini adventures before and then take off for the big, wild unknown hoping that along the way people give me advice, share tips and hints and tell me where the best beach in South East Asia is.

Before I head off into the sunset I have a couple of mini adventures planned and hope to share them with you.

For now, this is a site about being just ‘me’ (like ‘Just Jack’ from Will and Grace except I’m not a man and I’m not gay hehe). I have spent the last 5/6 years in serious relationships being a ‘plus one’ or an ‘and’ and now it’s to find out who just ‘me’ is…I wonder if I’ll like her?!

Aloha! x

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