Buckets of alcohol = drunk lesbians, begging a Thai guy to strip, having a private party with my room-mate and getting another effing cold

Yes, I really have been that busy people and it pretty much happened all in one night – my last night on Koh Tao on Thursday.

After Jessica (French Swiss) left on Wednesday, I wondered what I was going to do with myself but got talking to her ‘replacement’ straight away – Rachel from England! We got on really well so she came with me to the beach for the afternoon where we bumped in Petula (girl from Holland, remember?) and hung out all afternoon. Then Etienne (cute French guy) walked past so he joined us as well and we arranged to go out for dinner later.

I said that I would take them to the posh resort I went to the other night where you cook your own food. Petula didn’t end up coming but the other girl from our dorm (Rachel’s friend) did so there were four of us just relaxing, cooking, eating and having fun for a couple of hours.

Then we headed to my favourite bar – Lotus which is right on the beach and has the fire show. There is one fire thrower, every time I went, that I just couldn’t take my eyes off. He usually had his shirt off and although he was small, the body on that guy! And when listening to chilled out dance music, watching this guy so relaxed with the fire was so incredibly sexy and had me mesmerized lol. But this night he kept his shirt on for 2 hours – SO annoying since I’d been telling Rachel and her friend De about him lol. Anyway, the night went on and one by one the rest of my dorm just happened to turn up and sat with us which was really nice. Then came the buckets of drink and the rest is history haha.

We played drinking games, laughed at travel experiences and generally just being tipsy/drunk. That’s when I kept saying to Rachel ‘why hasn’t he taken his shirt off? Doesn’t he know it’s my last night’…’go and tell him to strip for me’ lol. It must have worked because 30 minutes before the end, he stripped – woooo! Mesmerized for one final night on Koh Tao.

Anyway, whilst all this was happening, a woman sat above me (talking to two of the guys that worked at Lotus who I had become friends with) asked to use Etienne’s lighter so I gave it to her and to say thanks she said ‘give me a kiss’…thinking it would be a peck on the cheek. Well the drunken idiot turned out to be a lesbian and proceeded to try and stick her tongue down my throat – eeeeeewwwww! Moving on….

Most of the night at Lotus, I had been talking to Chris, from Holland who was also from my dorm. The first night he arrived in Koh Tao he’d had everything stolen (after a similar experience in Phang-Nan where he was drugged and had money taken) so I’d lent him so money to go online and block his card etc. He was a really nice guy and quite cute too. At one point I got up to dance a bit on the sand with Rachel and when I sat back down he said drunkedly, ‘I want to say something but it might embarrass you’ (cue my intrigue growing)…’watching you dance then was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen’ lol. Can you guess where this is going? Yep.

He walked me back to the hostel (leaving Rach and her friend De to carry on) and we ended up having a private party outside our hostel by the trapeze lol. I think we were there for about an hour but we could still see our dorm light on and wondered why they hadn’t gone to sleep. Well, we walked in and Rach and De had come back so the first thing Rach announced was ‘where have you been? You left before us’ haha. Cue everyone in the dorm (only Etienne was asleep) realising what we’d been up to :p Everyone was still wide awake at 1am so for the next 45 minutes we laughed more, talked loudly and I kissed Chris in front of everyone 😀 Certainly made my last night unforgettable.

And now I’m back in Koh Samui but with Petula this time and I have a horrible cold so am currently sat in my air-con room whilst she’s on the beach…sitting in the sun when you already have a fever makes you feel a million times worse so I’ve discovered. But we’re really enjoying ourselves. We decided before we left Koh Tao that we wanted to be healthy so we’ve been eating well, drinking plenty of water (instead of alcohol and fizzy drinks) and exercising which has been really good. We also have a lot in common so there’s never a quiet moment 🙂

We went back to the Reggae Bar last night and listened to the live band which was nice. The lead singer and I were flirting all night :p Every time I looked at him he was smiling at me wanting me to come up on the stage hehe. I definitely wouldn’t have said no but we left before the band finished because I was feeling so rough.

So anyway…Petula and I have one more full day here then she’s off to Phang-Nan and I’m off to Phuket for a day before going on to Singapore. I really wish I could stay where I was and get over this bad cold but with only 3 weeks left I don’t have time.

Speak soon!

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