Stick death

Why I’m happy to be an anomaly*

*that’s a blip on a graph not a sea creature I’m not normal; I think that’s pretty self-explanatory from the way I write.  But what I’ve realised over recent months is that I’m not normal in my social circle either. 
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UK Travel Vaccinations for Asia

After months of finding nothing but travel vaccine advice for US citizens and none for the UK, I finally decided to write one myself… Your travel advice/vaccines will be dealt with by a nurse at your general practitioner’s surgery and
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Chris and I - final night

Road romance or one night stand?

Inspired by this week’s #TTOT (travel talk on Twitter) which I proudly participated in, the theme this week was ‘romance’.  Buuut, like a group of horny, giggling teenagers, the chat quickly descended into porn-rated anarchy (hooray!!) with everyone talking about whose
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Party in the house!

Well, not this house because wrecking your own joint would just be stupid. Nope, today I’m over at Anytrip’s pad making a mess so grab yourself a lovely Bank Holiday drink (that’s a national holiday for banks and institutions for
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