Fake it till you make it!

No, I’m not talking about faking a you know what ladies in the you know where gentleman *ahem*. I’m talking about confidence Many people tell me that I’m far braver and more confident than they could ever be and that
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Stick death

Why I’m happy to be an anomaly*

*that’s a blip on a graph not a sea creature I’m not normal; I think that’s pretty self-explanatory from the way I write.  But what I’ve realised over recent months is that I’m not normal in my social circle either. 
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Africa life

Guest post: Zimbabwe

For me, Zimbabwe is a place of firsts. First sighting of one of the world’s Natural Wonders. First experience of worms and sadza as a national delicacy. First time I wore a poncho. Most importantly, it was the first time
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