Breaking down and building up

Sometimes in life everything just stops.  Something happens and you just stop living. At the beginning of February, something happened in my life and overnight, I stopped living.  I suffered a breakdown and needed weeks off work and time away
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It’s ok NOT to travel the world

If you ask people where they want to go on their adventures, their answer will be ‘travel the world’ but most people don’t really mean it, I know I don’t and you probably don’t either. In case you haven’t noticed,
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Learning to say goodbye

I started to change my life at the weekend…I began sorting through my things so I could see what I wanted to sell for my Australia fund and by the end of my sorting, I said goodbye to someone I
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I hate Facebook!

Almost the entire world and their dead grandparents seems to be on Facebook these days but you know that we all have things that makes us think ‘I hate Facebook!’. Here’s why… I hate Facebook because… You send me friend
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