Fake it till you make it!

No, I’m not talking about faking a you know what ladies in the you know where gentleman *ahem*. I’m talking about confidence Many people tell me that I’m far braver and more confident than they could ever be and that
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The calm before the stomr - Dominican Republic

Preach it baby!

And so, yesterday I received my first truly negative comments. And it wasn’t just ‘I don’t like your site’, it was an entire character assassination. I like to be liked…everyone does. When I put myself out there with my honest
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The magic of books

The Romanticism of Words

I was walking around the bookstore at the weekend trying to pick out my reading for Africa and it suddenly dawned on me (like the metaphorical lightbulb) that there is something terribly romantic about the written word. About putting pen
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Stick death

Why I’m happy to be an anomaly*

*that’s a blip on a graph not a sea creature I’m not normal; I think that’s pretty self-explanatory from the way I write.  But what I’ve realised over recent months is that I’m not normal in my social circle either. 
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