Breaking down and building up

Sometimes in life everything just stops.  Something happens and you just stop living. At the beginning of February, something happened in my life and overnight, I stopped living.  I suffered a breakdown and needed weeks off work and time away
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Learning to say goodbye

I started to change my life at the weekend…I began sorting through my things so I could see what I wanted to sell for my Australia fund and by the end of my sorting, I said goodbye to someone I
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Chris and I - final night

Road romance or one night stand?

Inspired by this week’s #TTOT (travel talk on Twitter) which I proudly participated in, the theme this week was ‘romance’.  Buuut, like a group of horny, giggling teenagers, the chat quickly descended into porn-rated anarchy (hooray!!) with everyone talking about whose
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Dear Sweetpea,

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been a year since I lost you; a whole 365 days of an emotional rollercoaster I will never be able to forget and wouldn’t want to. So much has happened and you’ve missed so
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