Chasing the sun…

Written by Michael de Alwis

There are some people who just can’t do winter. They can’t handle it, or they’re scared of rain, maybe they don’t like the winter fashion, or perhaps they just really like summer. More often than not, it’s the latter. Summer is just fantastic, and there are so many who wish they could have a year with no other season. This isn’t necessarily a difficult task, if you visit the right places at the right times. Planning a year of sun takes a lot of careful and strategic planning. Below are a few suggestions, listed chronologically, of areas to visit to make the most out of a complete year of sun.

January – Pacific Islands and Australia

Australia’s Gold Coast is a fantastic way to kick off a summer year, offering you a boost of adrenaline so you can start with a bang. It’s a busy place – you won’t find yourself bored after a couple of weeks here. Whether visiting one of the famous theme parks (Movie World, Sea World, Dream World), sunbathing, enjoying the nightlife or surfing along the coast of the aptly named Surfers Paradise, you’ll find that the Gold Coast is a thrilling and beautiful way to start the year. New Zealand is another great option and Taupo in the North Island is a popular choice with travelers and the location of New Zealand’s biggest lake. If you’re looking for Taupo Hotels doing some online research is a great place to start.

February and March – South Asia

While it is essentially summer all year round here, you’ll find that February and March are the ideal times to travel to the south of Asia. You are avoiding monsoon season, the temperature is high, and, if you can handle a little bit of humidity, this is the perfect place to be. There is a lot to see and do in South Asia, so spending two months jumping from place to place will keep you busy and satisfied. Sri Lanka provides fantastic versatility; providing jungle, urban and beach environments that promise stunning sights and sounds every corner you take. Thailand is a cultural experience like no other; providing you with a lively, eye-opening experience throughout both the day and the night. Malaysia gives you the opportunity to explore fantastic cuisine and inimitable shopping with an adventurous atmosphere. Vietnam provides outstanding landscapes, enriched with unique culture. Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan balance busy, ahead-of-its-time city life with striking coastlines.

April and May – Africa

Countries such as Botswana and Tanzania are perfect places to spend April and May. This is a time where the wildlife is at its absolute best, so spending time here partaking in safaris and wildlife tours would be an unforgettable experience. Africa offers you a summer like nowhere else in the world. This may be the peak of humidity that you will experience along your trip, it’s a time to relax if you need to, and leave the action to the animals around you. Keep your eyes open and embrace the wonders of Africa, and the next two months will fly by.

June and July – Europe

Begin the second half of the year by heading over to Europe. The contrast between Africa and Europe is major, though you’ll find that you’re in the perfect place to wind down after a very busy 6 months. Head to the South of France to explore exquisite cuisine, peaceful scenery and a nice touch of class. Italy provides romanticism, charm and comfort like nowhere else. Spain and Germany provides incredible cultural experiences, while a visit to Amsterdam, capital city of the Netherlands, allows you to take a step into the wild side, and take a few risks.

August and September – North America

Use your time in August and September to visit North America, in particular areas such as Toronto in Canada, California and Hawaii in the United States and Mexico. You’ll find at this point that you have the opportunity to balance your time with adventure and relaxation, seaside life and city life, tradition and urban culture. This is a time to immerse yourself in the extravagance of pop culture and the life of the USA – so embrace it – eat what you want, do what you want, say what you want – you’re in the land of the free, so make the most of it.

October and November – South America

Spend October and November soaking up in the heat and engaging in the welcoming and always exciting culture of South America. Countries such as Chile, Brazil and Argentina provide not only amazing scenery; with artistically traditional architecture and untouchably pure landscapes, but also a friendly and hospitable environment that will keep you comfortable as the year progresses further and you begin to miss home, perhaps. Good food, good fun and good friends sums up your two months travelling South America.

December – Pacific Islands/Polynesia

Your final month takes you back down towards where you began your journey, as you spend your Christmas and New Year in the tropical paradise of Polynesia. This may be the most unique Christmas you can experience, promising another new cultural experience that will sum up your 12 months of summer quite nicely. Spending a few days each in Samoa, Tonga and the Cook Islands will give you a healthy taste of the purity and magnificence of the Pacific Islands, while spending your final week in Fiji allows you finish off your year either action packed or chilled out, with opportunities to completely embrace both options. Fiji is bound to be a major party as the New Year approaches, and is therefore the perfect place to finish off your year of chasing the sun.

Twelve months of sun can be whatever you want it to be, really. It can be extremely energetic or extremely relaxed, but either way you need to make sure you’re hitting all the right spots and getting there on time, you need to be strategic and get the absolute most out of your 12 months of sun.

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  1. I am definitely not a winter person. That’s why I moved to Cambodia. There are some awesome beaches here as well by the way. 🙂 Less developed than the Thai ones.

  2. Tammy – it sounds perfect! Cambodia is definitely on my bucket list! 🙂

  3. NOT a winter person at all! (Unfortunately, married to my polar opposite – he hates the heat.) This year we’re skipping winter as we travel RTW, though we’re headed to London shortly and seems like their summer weather right now is pretty wintry…

  4. eemusings – haha separate holidays by any chance? I can’t do the cold to save my life! Where I live in the UK we’ve just had 10 days straight of sun so I’d say that’s our summer been and gone 😉 Sorry to burst your bubble haha