First stop! Cape Town, South Africa

Flying into Cape Town, South Africa the plane took an amazing flight path going right passed the Cape of Good Hope and doing a huge u-turn over False Bay (note to self: don’t pack your camera into the bag that’s in the overhead locker when you’re jammed in by 2 people at the window you idiot!) which showed the true beauty of the city.

Sadly, by the time I’d landed the real weather had come in. As I said in my first post of the trip; if Africa is called the Motherland, Cape Town was in one helluva bitch-ass mood that day. Actually, she was bitching for both the days I was there…she and I are definitely going to be having words the next time I get there!

V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Moody Cape Town on the waterfront

I spent the first day wandering. And when I say day, what I really mean is 2 hours *ahem*; so sue me, it was freezing, windy and pissing it down with rain! But anyhow, I made it down to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront (named after Queen Victoria and her son, not the husband…think there might be a Danielle Steele story somewhere in that haha).

V&A Waterfront

Coca-cola man at the V&A Waterfront with Table Mountain

Even the possibility of meeting the South Africa rugby team on the waterfront wasn’t enough to keep me out in the cold and we ALL know how much I love a hunky rugby player!  So after a couple of hours of getting totally lost and battling against the elements, I headed back to the hostel to cover myself in blankets and drink hot chocolate promising myself that things would be better tomorrow…they were…

One of the girls from the hostel and I decided to head out on to the Red Bus which is a hop on/off service taking you all over the city and even up Table Mountain to the cable car if/when you take the red route

Even on a dull day, Table Mountain offers impressive views

The bus works out to be about £18 and whilst you may think that’s steep, you can get on and off it ALL day at any stop you like which makes it very good value for money.  You also get a lady whispering in your ear as part of the package but it’s not a sex-phone chat on wheels, it’s the headphone lady talking you through the things/places you drive past...very informative and exceptionally funny when she talks about ‘watching the bronzed bodies of Camps Bay’ haha.

Camps Bay, Cape Town

Camps Bay, Cape Town - the place to spot bronze people!

Cape Town has a worldwide reputation for being amazing and constantly hits the top 10 of cities and destinations to visit and I’d certainly add my ‘thumbs up’ to that point (especially as I’ve just painted my nails and want to show them off… burgundy colour in case you’re wondering!) but I have to say that it’s definitely a city that requires good weather to FULLY appreciate.  

In the two days before my tour officially started, I was due to do both Table Mountain AND cage diving but, as you can see from the weather above, I did neither which is fine because I get to go back at some time (very good times) but I definitely felt beaten by Mother Nature in this seaside city.

Coca Cola man

The Coca-Cola man of the waterfront

So now to answer the question you’ve all been asking in your head whilst reading this…no, I didn’t bronze my body up like the bus ear-lady suggested…*ahem* Oh sorry, your real question – would I recommend Cape Town?

Oh hell yeah!  Despite the fact that it’s a city, you never feel small or insignificant and honestly, how could you not love a city that sits next to The Big Blue?!

Come back next time to hop on my African adventure and start my 41 day itinerary from the beginning…

Don’t forget that you can see all of my Cape Town, South Africa photos on my Flickr stream!

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  1. YES, heading to Flickr now to check out more photos. While the weather didn’t work in your favor, it does make for some cool moody pics 🙂

  2. Jen

    Pictures are beautiful lovely.. It sounds so good, I’d LOVE to go! and who doesn’t love a hunky rugby player??!!

  3. Heather – the photos are about as moody as I was with the bad weather =) haha

  4. Jen – thanks hun! It’s definitely somewhere I’d like to go back to to experience fully…you better come with me to get the rugby players 😀

  5. Travel Club – thank you…South Africa really was beautiful in many different ways!