Getting fit for Africa in my chocoholic way!

I’ll admit something to you….weight and I don’t get along, we never have.  Mainly because me and chocolate biscuits get along much better (I’m an eat cake work out later kinda gal) but when I hit the 60 days until Africa mark I decided to become serious about getting fit and healthy for my travels.

3 months around Asia last year got me pretty fit since I was climbing volcanoes and going on four dives a day etc losing me a tonne of weight (well not a tonne, that would just be ridiculous but you get my meaning) and whilst I’ve kept up my fitness levels with work outs since I came home, I decided to get more serious about it and began running recently.  Turns out, running and I don’t get along either.  Not because I don’t enjoy it; I do *clears throat and looks away* but because it turns me from looking like a lady into something more akin to a Ribena berry bouncing down the street.


But if I want to look bikini body ready then I have to get passed the fear that a really hot guy is going to see me in Ribena mode and keep working out.  I also have to get passed the fear of what these say….

When I went to be attacked by a Nurse last week (aka have my yellow fever jab) she decided to do the whole kit and caboodle check so I had my blood pressure taken (A okay) and I was also weighed.  I think every woman on the planet will agree when I say that the scales (and more importantly the needle marker) are possibly the worst invention in mankind.  Oh how that needle mocks you as it decides whether it wants to make you put down or pick up that packet of chocolate biccies (personally The Devil would have to pry the packet out of my cold, dead hands before I gave them up but that’s just me).

And so I’m about to go against everything that life has ever taught me (and that men always get told off for)…I’m going to tell you how much I weigh.  *Oh no, someone in the front row has fainted with shock!!  Quick, pass those chocolate biscuits so we can increase their blood sugar levels!*

Are you ready?…

 12 stones exactly, 76k or 168lbs for everyone that isn’t British or old.

You know why I’m telling you?  Because it doesn’t matter.  I have curves in the right places, dropped 2 dress sizes through my Asian adventures and feel pretty damn good about my body.  I lost about 28 lbs when I was away but have put it all back on in MUSCLE yet I’m still the same dress size.  THAT’S why it doesn’t matter; because I may be heavier than your boyfriend (and I’d be the one offering HIM a piggyback) but you’d be wrong to call me fat.

Numbers don’t account for everything…if they did, every bodybuilder 6ft and under in the world would be classed as morbidly obese.  There are times where you just have to say ‘enough is enough’ and care about your fitness/how you feel rather than become a slave to numbers.

If your clothes fit you better than they used to, you’re able to climb that volcano without needing air rescue and you can fit into the wetsuit without looking like an extra from the Michelin Man advert then who cares how much you weigh?!

Are you brave enough to reveal YOUR number?

p.s.  Anyone got any chocolate biscuits?  I seem to have run out?!  See, this is exactly why I don’t like sharing them, even with sick people!!



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  1. For a very very very long time (and a little still) I was overly caught up with my weight and it adversely affected the person that I was. Over time I worked to get myself fit at the gym and running etc but still it wouldn’t move even thought I was a fitter healthier person.

    Having travelled I grew in confidence and as a person and now no longer wear my spare tyre like a disease people would walk in the other direction of. I am happy and confident in myself and while I know I can do better, I just don’t care.

  2. Love this post, Toni 🙂

    I’ve never been “small” — no matter how fit I’ve been in the past, my bone structure; my grandmother’s hips, thighs, and bum; and perhaps a love of sweets have kept me at the same size I’ve been since middle school!

    At my healthiest, my clothes fit well and I feel great, even if the number on the scale doesn’t change much with the loss of a few pounds of fat, changed to muscle.

    I never weigh myself unless I’m at the doctor and have to — I go by the fit of my clothes and how well I know I’ve been treating myself. Last time I was weighed was just before Oz so quite a while back O:-)

  3. Love this!

    I’ve been struggling with my weight for some time now. I’m tiny (only 5’0ft flat) so when I gained all of my depression weight, it really went to all the wrong places. It’s something I’ve been really self conscious about and continuously working on.

    So far, I’ve lost around 15 lbs, with another 17 to go. I feel like I have a ton of pressure on me now, because the UK and Europe (especially London and Paris) is the land of skinny people. But hey, at least it keeps me motivated! I have 3 months to lost 17 lbs. We should be each others buddy!

  4. @Chris – Amen! There is a point where you’ve just got to say ‘enough is enough’; as long as you’re not unhealthy and you’re happy with the way you look then who cares about the spare tyre? I think travelling helps a lot of people realise that Size 0 isn’t the way to go and that actually, when you’re travelling, no one gives a crap anyway =D

  5. @Heather – high five to the family genes not allowing us to be small haha. That’s the trick!! I don’t weight myself either…if your clothes fit you well, you’re healthy and you enjoy the size and shape that you are, what does it matter? If only everyone was as sensible as us…there’d be a lot less worrying around the world =D

  6. @Sheryll – Big cuddles on the depression weight; been there, done that, got the tyre =) Yay to the 15lbs! 3 Months to lose 17lbs is a very sensible time frame so don’t worry too much if you have a gorgeous meal out or a bit too much ice cream…at the end of the day, we’re women because we’re curvy. And let’s face it, with out fashion choices, we could never look wrong, right?! =) And believe me, London is only full of skinny people because it’s the foreign tourists haha

  7. Julia

    You are so right. I have actually never been a ‘weigh myself’ kind of person, or certainly not in the last ten years or so (it may have something to do with the fact I’m too tight to buy a set of scales lol) but mainly because I’ve found over the years that the scales sometimes lie. Sometimes the scales will tell me I’ve lost a couple of pounds or have stayed the same when I know that my favourite pants are a bit tighter than usual or I feel bigger. These days I go off how well my clothes fit and whether I look good in them. If I don’t feel as comfortable as usual, I may try and step up the exercise or not eat takeaways as often, but I don’t want to become a slave to the scales and I’m so glad you are the same. It’s so much healthier not to ‘diet’ it does so many bad things to your body.

    Writing this stupidly long comment has left me feeling peckish. Pass those biscuits, would you?

  8. I unfortunately took after my mom’s side- the side that constantly battles their weight issues. I have started working out (I’ve even ran 5 5k’s in the last year) but my weight still stays at way to high a level.

    Next week is my 39th Birthday, so my goal is to lose 40 pounds by 40 years old. It’s ambitious, but I am going to give it a go. Sad thing is, even if I lose 40 pounds, I’ll still be technically overweight for my height. 🙁

  9. Girl, every female struggles with their weight. Unfortunately, society has taught us that we’re never “skinny” enough. My weight fluctuates drastically. I gain weight during the summer (when I’m not working) and start losing it in the winter. I’m never bathing suit ready when I’m out of work.

    For me, my goal isn’t a particular weight. I’m aiming to get down to a size four pants instead.

  10. It’s a shame that every woman feels so pressured to be a certain weight when we’re all built differently. As long as you can do what you want to do and feel good about yourself doing it that should be enough. I used to worry so much about it to the point of obsessing, now I try to avoid scales completely and just go by whether my jeans fit ok.
    You look beautiful and slim in that pic so you don’t need to worry about a number – who wants to be like Victoria Beckham having to phone ahead at restaurants to make sure her plate of grapes is available – I’d bet people like us are way more fun to be around than her anyway any day! xxxx

  11. @Julia – I think the problem with scales (the old version anyway, the new ones meassure everything) is that they don’t take into account, retained water, muscle bulk etc etc. As you say, how your clothes fit is the better way to determine whether or not you need to eat lightly for a bit or work harder in the gym. Not only does dieting do bad things to your proper if done incorrectly but I think, if you tell yourself you’re on a ‘diet’ instead of lifestyle change, you’re never really going to stick to it because it’s like you’re punishing yourself. And for that reason, I will celebrate our choices and pass over the biscuits =D

  12. @Erik – thanks for posting a comment…it’s unusual for men to admit that perhaps they’re carrying a little more than they (not that society dictates) want to. Woo to running 5.5ks – big congrats =) I think your goal of 40lbs is great Erik, if that’s want you want then you go ahead and get it BUT remember, numbers don’t mean everything…I’m DEFINITELY over-weight for my height but so is every bodybuilder because it’s all muscle. So focus on the WEIGHT so much but how happy and healthy YOU feel =)

  13. @Elle – Society sucks on the self-esteem front; you can see why so many young boys and girls can become anorexic in our world of media dominance. Had you’re the total opposite to me…I put on winter weight and lose it in the summer months haha Well done on the size goal girlie =D I can’t do that over here anymore…depending on where I shop and what I buy, I can fit into about 3 different sizes haha

  14. @Jennifer – I definitely think that ‘clothes fitting’ is the best way to judge your figure…everyone is different about what they feel good in and whether they have big bones or broad shoulders etc. Thanks for the compliment chick *blushing* – I could NEVER be like Victoria Beckham; love my food way too much for that =D As you say, we’re more fun; I can’t image she’d be drinking the calorie-laden Thai buckets and that just wouldn’t be right! haha

  15. Haha… oh man. I had a whole work out plan for my travels ready. I did it for the first week, then stopped fully for the rest of the year.

  16. @Hogga – why do you think I only started at the 60 day mark? I knew it’s all I could stick to haha

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  18. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    Definitely not as brave as you to reveal my #! I’m so inspired by your honesty!!! I used to swim competitively 6 hours a day, so I was pure muscle. Then when I stopped swimming it quickly began to turn to fat. I have to be SO careful to constantly work out and watch what I eat now. It’s exhausting. I think you look gorgeous in that photo.

  19. @Tristan – woo! Thanks for including me Tristan – very much appreciated for a local Devonian =)

  20. @Andi – ‘Inspired by your honesty’ – one of my best comments EVER on here, thank you =) Swim for 6 hours a day?! Yikes girl; I bet you looked like the Hulk haha I can’t deny that it’s not been easy but with Africa coming up I’ve made sure I’ve ran 3 or 4 times a week to help ‘toughen me up’ haha…the ‘occasional’ chocolate biscuit never hurt anyone right? =D And thank you – I really like the way I look in that photo =)

  21. becci

    I LOVE YOU!! This post is amazing! Since I was 15 I’ve been doing weightwatchers going from 73kgs to 62kgs. I’m back up to 69 now though. I found my kilos.. yay… And now I’m also counting down the days until I go to east Africa and then onto SE Asia. I’ve never worn a bikini because I’ve never felt like I deserve it, but reading this has just made me feel good and happy!

  22. Becci – Thank you so much for stopping by =) I’m so incredibly pleased to hear that you’re thinking of wowing the crowd with your bikini body 😀 I went on to Slimming World when I was 1 to get rid of puppy fat but I’m now realising that your weight has nothing to do with it but how you look and feel within yourself. And how incredibly exciting to hear that you’re going to East Africa an then Asia – I LOVED SE Asia and can’t wait to explore Africa 🙂 Well done YOU for feeling comfortable in your own skin!