Hakuna Matata Simba – I’m coming to visit!!

Yes folks, you got it (and if you didn’t then you clearly didn’t watch enough Disney when you were younger)…there’s been a slight change to my Americano plan.  And when I say ‘slight’ change I mean a 5000 mile change…in the opposite direction because I’m going to AFRICA!!!!

Not only that but I booked and paid for it back in October!  How ridiculous is that?  I guess you could say that it started with a flake and snowballed from there.

3 weeks after my return I was already back at the travel agents looking in to the Americano plan but it quickly became apparent that the projected £3000 I would save in a year would hardly be able to cover what I wanted to do never mind having spending money etc so I started to look into other options and I kept gravitating towards Africa as I have always wanted to go.  The travel agent Andy e-mailed me about the proposed costs for the US and I replied with ‘here’s where I want to go in Africa’ haha.   Two days later he sent me an excited email telling me that an Acacia Africa had just e-mailed them a deal saying that if I booked by the end of October, I would get 35% off so instead of paying a whopping £1200 for the trip, I snuck in with a crafty £800 – bargain!!

So, cue me spending a weekend running around like a kid with an IV drip full of sugar telling everyone I was going to Africa until mum metaphorically slapped me around the face with that oh so dreaded sentence ‘what about work’.  Ugh.  I hate that four letter word – ‘what’ haha.  And so the doubts and anxiety began to creep it once again, just as they had done in 2009 when I was asking work to let me go to Asia.  But anyway, into work I strolled on Monday morning preparing to ask for a personal appointment with the big boss expecting it to be in a week or two when his secretary said he had one free that afternoon.  God, I wasn’t prepared.  What if he said no?  No, that wasn’t allowed.  I would have flashed my boobs if it meant I got a ‘yes’.  However, it turns out I didn’t need it.  By the time I’d stopped giving him reasons to let me go and shut up he said I could!

However, when I got back to the office I got a nice big bump back down to Planet Earth when I opened an e-mail from Andy at the travel agents…when he said I had to book it by the end of the month he also meant pay it all off by the end of the month; f***.  He wanted £1600 (£800 for the flights) in less than 4 months since returning?  Not possible. ..or so I thought.  Through a bit of negotiation and a big fat deposit I paid off the tour itself (£840) and then the flights through instalments so as of last month it’s all been paid for!

Talk about extreme highs and lows right?  And the ‘fun’ part is, all that drama happened within 7 days…let’s just say that I was a little exhausted after the ups and downs…I should have gone on holiday to recover 😉  Oh wait, I’ve already booked it 😀 


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  1. Hope you have an awesome trip Toni! Can’t wait to see the pix =)

  2. yay excited for you… one of my dream is to go to a safari… ill try to save up for it… you’re gonna see baby lions soon 🙂

  3. That’s so very exciting! Going to Africa is on my list-for-after-my-before-30-list… (not sure if I’ll do pre-35 or pre-40 yet) x

  4. Toni, this is so awesome! I’m jealous (again, lol). My sister spent 3 months in Africa in her late 20s and she has wanted to return ever since! She LOVED it. You’re going to have another fantastic life-changing trip… oh wait a minute, it’s pretty obvious to me that the first trip has definitely changed you already!!! 🙂

  5. Amanda

    Where in Africa are you going? I visited family in Cameroon but that’s the only place I’ve made it too. Egypt, South Africa, and Morocco look amazing. Hope you have a great trip!