Hey all…

I’m in Koh Tao!

I’ve been here since Wednesday and am currently sharing a bed with Marie, my Couchsurfing friend who’s living here.

It’s stunning and looks like an island time forgot. It’s tiny and they have to ship in everything including water and we have a power cut at least once a day. The streets are small but busy and the atmosphere is great. There are barely any tourists just ‘foreign locals’ i.e. people living here for a month or two while they do their dive courses.

I think I’ll probably stay here for about a week as I’m really tired from all the late nights and beginning to get ill so have decided just to take some ‘time out’ and relax. Marie dives during the day so I can read my book, go to the beach or just chill out by the pool.

Anyway, I really don’t feel like talking much today so it’s a short post. Actually, I don’t really feel like talking for the next few days so don’t panic if you don’t here from me.


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  1. Okay, now I am Jealous! I hope that you are having fun!

  2. Hey Toni, Taking a week off to regroup and rest up is a great idea. You sure don’t want to end up sick on your holiday. Take god care of yourself.
    xo jj