Holy crap – what an AMAZING night!

Ok, first things first….you won’t be getting any photos of Hong Kong until I hit Thailand.  The hostel I’m staying at only has PCs (which are free to use so can’t complain) not wi-fi so consequently, until I can jump on to some wi-fi somewhere you’re gonna be flying blind….but trust me, the photos are worth the wait!  Oh and I’ve now joined Twitter…not sure there’s much use but hey, when in Rome and all that jazz.  Follow me @RMFuture.

But anyway, down to busy.  OH MY GOD!  What an introduction to Hong Kong.  I landed and slept pretty much for the first day.  Yeah I know, what a waste but trust me, I was so tired, ill and spaced out then when someone asked me in the airport where I was going it took me 30 seconds to remember where!  haha.  But yesterday made up for it.  I decided to head to the Star Ferry as it was a good day weather-wise though had no plan what to do when I got to the other side.  So I walked around a bit and then stumbled across the Peak Tram and before I knew it I was waiting in line and a young guy behind me asked if I spoke English and the rest, as they say is history.  Ok, I won’t leave it there.  He’s called James, 22 and just about to become a solicitor (yeah he’s cute but hey, what do I know when it comes to finding a ‘nice’ guy?!) when he gets back to London.  He was by himself and so was I so we ended up spending all day together.  Went up to the Peak (and again showing what a small world it is…bumped into two separate travellers that had been on the same plane as me the day before!!!) and walked around the top of the peak looking at the amazing views of the city and outlying islands.  James and I turned out to have quite a bit in common and always found something to talk about so it was fun.  We grabbed some lunch and before we knew it it was mid-afternoon.

So we decided to go back to our hostels (turns out we were staying in the same area) for an hour to freshen up etc and met up for dinner as we had decided to go and see the Symphony of Light show (permanent free light show that the big buildings put on every night from the harbour).  And dinner?  Out of this world.  Tiny restaurant full of locals and I managed to eat the entire meal with chopsticks without embarassing myself!  It felt so good- it was probably the first proper meal I’d eaten in about 5 days – yummy.

Anyway, moving on.  The light show finished at 8.15 and although James only came in that morning at 7am, he didn’t really want to go back to his room and neither did I.  So I told him about a place across the harbour called Wan Chai which is supposed to be the ‘it’ place for bars etc and wow, what a good call I made to ‘push ourselves through the tiredness’!  Talk about a pay off.  The night got busier and more lively with everyone in rugby shirts because the Sevens tournament started yesterday.  Before I knew it we were talking to 3 guys with jester hats on etc (all in their late 40s, living in Tokyo) and we had such a giggle.  A few hours later at about 2am, James had hit it off with a Canadian girl and I was having a riot with the guys.  So I left James to it and the next thing I knew (I struggled whether to tell you this since my family will probably die of a heart attack but hey ho, I’m ok and that’s all that matters) I was sat in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel bar drinking 1000 pound bottles of champagne!  Turns out all the guys were bankers and ‘big business’ guys earning over a million each year lol.  (So, a note to all my English friends and family (and myself) and to everyone who pays taxes…I would like to thank you for contributing and paying for my night out somewhere along the line 🙂 )Anyway, time went on, Hawaiian costumes were worn and a blown up banana was paraded and before I knew it I was rolling into bed at 5.30am!  Man do I feel rough this morning! haha.  Not in the sense of a hangover but lack of sleep hehe. Fantastic night though and I got invited to join them in their ‘box’ at the Sevens on Sunday so we’ll see how it goes.  James and I are meeting up today for lunch aka breakfast and then after that, who knows.



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  1. Wow, sounds like you are having an amazing time so far, can’t wait to see photo’s!!!

  2. Jamie T

    That’s more like it!
    J. x