How can you keep your belongings safe when you’re backpacking?

Backpacking across the world is one of the most thrilling, eye-opening and awe-inspiring experiences you will ever have. If you visit somewhere like Africa then not only can you dive deep into a new culture, experience the food and meet new people, but you will see stunning landscapes and wildlife too.

Backpacking means roughing it and scrimping and saving. So if you love your home luxuries, such as your laptop which you normally play Foxy bingo on or use for Facebook, or you can’t live without your hairdryer and straighteners, then backpacking may not be for you. Below are a few tips on how you can keep your belongings safe and secure.

1. Always secure your bags when you are travelling. You can use anything from small padlocks to combination locks; even if it is just for show, it will deter a thief.

2. Try not to pack anything really valuable on your trip. It’s worth buying a cheap digital camera and leaving your expensive DSLR at home. Plus, it’s a good idea to take an old, worthless mobile phone with you because the last thing you want is for your flashy iPhone to be stolen.

3. If you do decide to bring your laptop or camera then make sure it is on you at all times. Never keep anything of value in your main backpack or suitcase because this can be left out of sight for hours.

4. Valuable objects like your passport, money and bank cards should be securely stored in a money belt around your waist.

5. If you are staying a few nights in a hostel or hotel, it is certainly worth using the safe to keep your passport safe.

6. As much as you might like your diamond rings, try not to wear anything too expensive and flashy because people will presume you have a lot of money and your suitcase could be targeted for robberies.


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