How to travel more with less

Travelling doesn’t have to be a matter of scrimping and saving anymore, instead you can travel more with less. Here are just several of the many ways you can minimise travel expenses and
maximise your overseas experience.

Write for a Travel Publication:

If you have a flair for writing, then contributing to a travel blog or magazine is an excellent way to earn a little side money while you traipse all over the world. Lonely Planet, Get Lost, Galavanting, Go Nomad and Outpost are just a few travel publications that publish feature articles, essays, travel guides and blog posts. Most magazines will pay between $25 and $50 per piece, depending on the length and format.

Teach English Abroad:

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other
Languages) are internationally certified courses that will guarantee you find work teaching English
abroad. 140 hours in total, they can be completed in person or online for less than $1,000 and prior
teaching qualifications are not necessary.

‘Real Gap Experience’:

Real Gap is a program designed by experienced travellers that tailor your trip to you, providing you
with the opportunity to work and volunteer abroad. Real Gap’s France trip is one of their most popular work programs – the team charges a fee of $1,300 to organise a host family that will employ you to teach them English for approximately 15 hours a week. This kind of set up provides the chance for you to save on food and accommodation costs and explore a specific city in depth.

Online Freelancing:

While online freelancing is not always a sustainable full-time income, it does provide the opportunity to earn a small income from virtually anywhere, in other words, the perfect job for a person with wanderlust. Online freelancing already lends itself to writing, but this doesn’t have to be limited to short stories and creative pieces (which honestly don’t pay well). If you have a background in finance, then consider freelancing as a financial writer to support yourself while you travel. This goes for sport,lifestyle and dating/relationship articles as well. Online freelancing is also ideal for professional web designers, copywriters and social media consultants., and are three highly credible sites that advertise opportunities for freelance work.

Work as a Tour Guide:

This is less about earning extra money while travelling and more about a career in travel. Working as a tour guide requires more experience than other forms of travel work but the income will often allow you to live more comfortably, particularly if you work for a company; The Travel Corporation, Intrepid, Expat etc. Working for a tour guide company also affords you the luxury of travelling to multiple cities,however if you don’t want to commit to a lifestyle that requires you to constantly be on the move, working as a local tour guide may be more suitable. Many tour guides run free walking tours of cities and work on a tipping basis, the more you knowledgeable you are, the more you can earn!

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