I had boobs for dinner!

Yeah I thought that title would get your attention. I had eggs, bacon and chips for dinner last night and couldn’t stop laughing when the eggs went on to my plate…

And as for the other little things I bought myself at the weekend, love can be bought in the sale at half price…

How fab is that bag?! Ugh, I’m in love!

And here are the other lovely bits and bobs I bought…

I know, I know, I should be saving because I’m travelling but I could do with the distractions in life right now – so sue me!

Here’s the other (ever-growing) obsession I have in my life…

78 bottles of Nails Inc varnish and counting. I wonder how in the hell is a woman like me who loves to wear jewellery and paint her nails going to cope for three months without them? I’ll feel naked! (OTIN that is not a suggestion for a dirty joke lol).

I’ve spent so much money in the last week that it’s not even funny! Ok, so it IS funny but only in an ironic ‘I really shouldn’t but I so want to’ kind of way :p


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  1. WTF? I just left another comment saying ‘Nice boobs’and Word Press told me my comment was too short. Screw you, Word Press!

  2. Toni

    A colour every 5 days – it works perfectly! lol. And trust WordPress to take the fun out of it 😀

  3. I think I need to borrow your nail varnish collection! I have a total of five bottles (two of which are specifically Christmas colours).

  4. wow. my wife would die…the nail polish not the boobs…lol.

  5. the title really caught my attention hahaha

  6. Toni

    Rachel – well how about I send you a couple of bottles as a small token of my appreciation for you helping me out?!

    Brian – Nails Inc have just introduced a reward card scheme; my bank balance is screwed from now on! lol

  7. Toni

    Joanna – they made me laugh too – I call my boobs ‘fried eggs’ all the time, so dinner was very apt! lol

    Flip – I thought the title was catchy! hehe