I hate Facebook!

Almost the entire world and their dead grandparents seems to be on Facebook these days but you know that we all have things that makes us think ‘I hate Facebook!’.

Here’s why…

I hate Facebook because… You send me friend requests from people I don’t know.

We all get them. You see the notification and think ‘I haven’t met anyone new recently, who’s adding me?’. Then you check and you realise you have NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE. You don’t recognise the name or the insanely small distant photo of their face so you’re stuck; what do you do? Facebook is a social network but adding anyone you don’t know just feels weird. So do you add them in the hope that you do know them and will laugh at all this later? Or do you ignore them because it’s probably just a weirdo that can’t laid and thinks you’re hot?

I hate Facebook because… The people online are never the ones I want to speak to.

Time and time again you log onto Facebook to see who’s online and 9/10 there’s a crap load of people online but no one you’d want to speak to. It’s your family (yawn), some person from school (that you haven’t spoken to since the initial ‘how have you been’ chat) or the ‘ok people; you know, the ones that always seem to reply with one word answers. Yeah, totally awkward.

I hate Facebook because… You fill my timelines with crap about games.

I have no problem in you playing one of the gazillion games available but just stop shoving them in my face. I don’t want to give you a shovel to clobber that snake, I dont want to pat your dog and I don’t want to hide you from the Mafia; I’d be happier to just shoot you myself.

I hate Facebook because… You take all the fun out of dating

When you meet someone on a night out, they don’t ask you for your number anymore, they ask if you’re on Facebook. It used to be that, when dating, you didn’t find out each others snurnames for weeks or months but now it’s one of the first things they ask. I get that Facebook is a big part of peoples lives but what’s wrong with trying to switch off the online world every now and then? Not only that but the second you add eachother the mystery disappears; you can take a walking tour of eachothers life before you’ve finished your drink. I’ve seen your vomit, your ass and your cross-dressing for your ‘night out’. I now no longer want to date you.

I hate Facebook because… You tag me without asking

Eating chocolate stones...ungraciously!

You go out at the weekend with friends or colleagues and whether you were drunk or just made a fool out of yourself sober, someone took a photo, uploaded it and tagged you for the world to see. Everyone can now see your double chin, the pose in which you don’t just look fat but really fat and you’re wondering how you even made that ridiculous face. Sure you can un-tah yourself but the damage is already done. The person you’re dating has already seen he photo and decided to block you.

I hate Facebook because… You won’t let me forget that relationship

Friends of friends comment on your ex’s status and before you know it you can see everything from their latest conquest to the moving on and being happy without you. Likewise, everything you say and do can reach YOUR ex and you can soon find yourself ‘needing’ to justify everything; even blocking doesn’t help.

I hate Facebook because… I have to announce a relationship

When you’re in a relationship you have to announce it to the world but that can cause so many problems. What if you announce it too soon? The other person gets the ‘accept relationship request’ and they freak out and walk away? And what about if the OTHER person requests the relationship connect? Do you think it’s sweet or stalkerish? And lets’ not forget when you have to announce that the relationship has failed – that’s a crapper for both sides with everyone suddenly asking questions at a time you just want to be left alone! It’s a ticking time bomb from start to (potentially) finish!

Come on, you know you do too despite being on it…why do YOU ‘hate’ Facebook?

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  1. 100% AGREE!
    I was gonna be writing a blog about my love/hate relationship with Facebook! But you’ve done it for me, cheers! Good work babe πŸ™‚ xx

  2. I hate Facebook because they seem hell bent on eliminating any damn privacy on the site.

    Every change they make is about less privacy. It now always defaults to me being available for chat. I have to switch it off every single time now. Where as before I would select that I was available for chat. People don’t need to know every time I sign in.

    I hate the petty crap that develops on Facebook. So and so didn’t wish me Happy Birthday. Why didn’t I get an invite to the party? No that “B” didn’t post that photo. Blah, blah, blah.

    I hate Facebook because some things you just don’t want to know about your friends; familiarity breeds contempt. I don’t want to know that my friend of another race has friends that are slightly racist, and that sometimes they agree with that person. That will change how you feel about about them.

    I hate Facebook and have though about deleting my profile at least 5 times this year. And, I’ve already set up an alias account to use to manage my pages, should I one day just go off and deactivate the account.

  3. I hate Facebook because it’s filled with a bunch of idiots with stupid opinions about things they clearly have no understanding of. Then, when you try to correct them, or take a stand against what they’re saying, you’re the asshole, their friends gang up on you for being mean, and you’re unfriended. Yeah, that basically sums up my Facebook experience.

  4. Couldn’t have written this better myself. There are so many things I hate about Facebook.

    It has ruined relationships between several of my friends and with the new changes it now allows a new level of stalking like never before.

    All it takes is for one person to be tagged in a (otherwise totally innocent) photo that makes it look as though they’re slightly too friendly with someone of the opposite sex and bam, you’ll be getting a frostier reception from your other half than if you were dating Jack Frost himself.

    Then there’s the comments that can be misconstrued and misread because someone can’t read sarcasm or humour when it’s written in an online format.

    Also, like you said, there is the ability for exes to stalk each other and find out what the other is up to which is never good. Some things just need to be left alone.

    And then there is the poking, the random “likes” from people you haven’t spoken to in years….and my all time favourite – the fact that the people you’re connected to are called “friends” even though you have only spoken once and they would just as soon ignore if they saw you out in public.

    I actually had a period a few years ago where I came off Facebook and didn’t miss it at all. It’s funny how we only check these things out of habit because we’re used to them. But I honestly think it’s more hassle than it’s worth, so much so that these days I’m cautious to ever upload or comment on anything on there because it’s now available for the whole world to see.

    Oh, and because so many of my “friends” are so goddamn boring that I don’t want to know whether they’re doing their ironing or whether their baby just did a poo. πŸ˜‰

  5. LMAO. These comments are awesome. You should do a follow up post and include these “reasons”. Like a top 10 reasons to quite FB.

  6. I fear that if I reply to this, I shall never stop writing! I’ll start on a positive; it’s pretty awesome for website traffic and finding a targeted market, simply for the reason you state – Everyone is always on it!

    Apart from that, I wholeheartedly agree with you! What about girls who take pictures of themselves in the mirror for their profile pic, pouting with their hands on their hips?

    And the people who fuel it? “naaww,u luk pwopa gawjus, hun.” No, she looks like a self-obsessed knobhead.

    Whhhhhhhich leads me to the spelling and grammar – Facebook is responsible 4 ppl talkin lyk dis. This makes me very sad.

    And then there is the attention seekers: ‘(name) is soooo fed up.’

    ‘Nawwwww, what’s a matter, hun?’

    ‘I don’t wanna talk about it’…


    And finally, A REALLY good point about the romance side of it. I do miss ‘the good old days’ when two dilated-pupil’d people would share a telephone number and have to rely on our imagination to wonder what they are all about.

    Right, that’s it. Next girl I meet I am NOT giving her my Facebook details and I’m going oooooooold school πŸ˜›

    Great post, Toni!

  7. “y av u no commented on ma status? r u coming pub l8r?”

    Need I say more??!!

    Oh no….wait….

    I think, even worse, is when people clearly have no grasp on what the difference is between your and you’re, there, their and they’re……..

    Sometimes I correct them and then I think “hhmmm lots of people will have seen that and thought what an idiot I am for correcting someone”

    BUT the worse crime of all Toni…..the worse EVER is when people say….

    “I could of done that.” It’s HAVE!! Could HAVE!!! :-/

    Oh Jesus….I think I need some sort of stiff drink or cigarette now…..

  8. I completely agree. But that’s the deal. Nothing is really ‘free’ online. And because FB is free we have no say in what they do. We can take it or leave it. I am seriously thinking of deleting my profile… but there are a few people on there who do matter to me who’d get far less contact with if I did…

    A rant about ‘free’ here:

  9. Kerri – sorry that I beat you to the punch hun; couldn’t hold it in any longer haha

  10. Terri – The issue with lack privacy is the fact that they are currently gearing up to float the company on the stockmarket next year and therefore need to start appealing more to advertisers. The problem in THAT is that for the advertisers to see any kind of return, they need us to share content with each other and if we all lock down our privacy, we don’t share with the ‘wider audience’ and therefore the advertisers won’t have their adverts viewed by mass. Therefore, Facebook are setting almost everything as ‘default public’ ready for the stockmarket and all the potential advertising companies to come flooding in. Great for the people that don’t care about privacy, sucks for everyone else that does!

    Petty crap is a definitive annoyance and yes, seeing photos/comments from friends and realising what they’re really like isn’t always a good thing. I don’t blame you for considering coming off Facebook – if I didn’t have my website page I’m pretty sure I would have deleted my account by now!

  11. Steven – sorry to hear you’ve had such a crappy experience with FB but you’ve highlighted a great point…say the wrong thing to the wrong person and before you know it you’re in a cyber version of the social outcast being chased with pitchforks through the village! It’s a shame that all the idiots can be found in the same place =/

  12. Julia – I totally agree that photos and comments, viewed by the wrong person, can be taken completely the wrong way. I put up a photo of my cleavage once (as an in-joke/dare between myself and my ex) and despite my ex being the one that took the photo, my Monster-in-Law accused me of cheating!! It’s SO incredibly frustrating and I can only imagine it gets worse once you’re in a relationship with someone…particularly if they start going back through old photos!

    And yes!!! I hate that everyone is called ‘friends’. No, there are families, friends, acquaintances and school idiots (which I nearly always defriend eventually!).

    I wouldn’t say that I’m cautious about everything that I put online but I certainly double check the privacy setting on everything I post/share before I do it. haha yes to the boring friends too…I don’t mind hearing pregnancy announcements etc but don’t tell me every little thing ‘oh they’ve just fallen over – poor thing’ – well why the hell are you on FB then instead of looking after them?! ARGH! πŸ˜€

  13. Terri – I definitely think I’ll have to do a follow-up post…you guys are coming up with so many great reasons! πŸ™‚

  14. Anthony – rant away my friend, rant away!
    Oh I totally agree that it’s got some great points to it but I’m getting quite bored of it now lol

    haha Love the ‘girls in the mirror pouting’ comment…my 14 year old cousin has a photo like that and I literally want to shake her! πŸ™‚

    I HATE that Facebook has turned everyone into spelling and grammatical dumbasses; REALLY hate it…it’s definitely the biggest thing I don’t like..how did I forget to include that?! πŸ˜€

    Exactly…Facebook takes out all of the mystery of dating and getting to know each other over dinner or drinks finding out about their jobs, hobbies, life etc; so boring! I met someone who got into a sulk when I told him I wasn’t adding him on FB; he couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t and thought I was hiding something or that he wasn’t good enough for me to add?!?! Insecurities like that are reasons why I don’t like FB because it takes over and if you say you’re not on FB, they think you’re a freak and can’t understand why; you can’t win either way!

    I wish you well with all the potential suitors you meet πŸ˜‰

  15. Beverley – FB really does show how little people know about the English language which REALLY pees me off! haha yes! If you correct them then you look like you’re (see, I know the difference hehe) a 70 year old grandma lol. so glad you know how to write English πŸ˜€

  16. Jeremy – I totally agree – nothing is free and with FB gearing itself up to float on the stockmarket next year, I fear that ‘having no choice’ about certain things is only going to increase. I would love to delete my profile to be honest but, as you say, I fear I would lose touch with people I actually did want to speak to.
    And GREAT article on your site Jeremy (loving the website theme too πŸ˜‰ ) = spoken like a true professional!

  17. Jen

    There is literally nothing worse than waking up on a Sunday morning to about 104 Facebook photo tags 😐 I also hate facebook because peoples shitty status updates makes me lose all respect for them lol xx

  18. Jen – funnily enough, they were talking about being tagged on the radio this morning. Since last Friday was ‘Black Friday’ where the most Christmas parties would have been held, they told everyone to log on to Facebook first thing and de-tag themselves haha. And yes to shitty status updates – yawn! πŸ™‚

  19. Why did they get rid of the Import RSS feed option on fan pages? Seriously why? Just makes the user’s job a lot harder and more time consuming. Fail!

    p.s. If you post things such as ‘why always me?’ or ‘when will it ever end?’ you are an attention whore and should probably see someone about it.

  20. Neil – yep the RSS thing definitely sucked! Grrrr. And totally about the attention whore thing…I mean once in a while, a status like that isn’t too bad but when it’s constant, just shut up! I just defriended someone for that exact reason!

  21. Geez, thank goodness I don’t have to deal with some of the crap you have to deal with in this new, digital online age. However, part of this you have control over. For example, you can hide any posts about games that comes up so you never see that game again (without blocking the other person). You can say no to Facebook requests from dates because you can say “I want to get to know the real you, not the online you, and I enjoy a little mystery in who I am dating” (how can you not win some points for that? πŸ™‚

    As for the rest, just be selective with who you want to be friends with and ignore the rest. You can also put friends into lists and only check out those people you really want to hear from. You don’t need to go all postal on Facebook! πŸ™‚

  22. Jeremy – thanks for your suggestions…I actually do most of them already. This post was more a collection of my friends and I moaning about it in general πŸ™‚ And FYI the whole ‘I want to get to know the real you’ apparently doesn’t work…the guy got in a mood and thought I had something to hide because I wouldn’t add him…loser πŸ˜€ Think I’ll start up on the lists though – I haven’t really utilised them yet so thanks for the tip!

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  24. Can’t really remember how I got to your site, but glad I did! πŸ™‚ I’ve been delightfully entertained for last hour now (as you can probably tell from me commenting on a post dated back in December). I just want to say that this line, “I don’t want to give you a shovel to clobber that snake, I dont want to pat your dog and I don’t want to hide you from the Mafia; I’d be happier to just shoot you myself” was absolutely hilarious. I hate all those stupid game updates. And, you’re spot on on all the dating crap. When I was in Mexico about a month ago, a hostel friend & I decided to look at all the people we met that were still in the hostel on facebook and concluded about 10 mins into it that it was a lot more information than we’d like to know about our hostel friends… needless to say, we found it was better to just stop and keep our knowledge of each other’s personal “home” lives out of travel life. Love your blog!

  25. Aradanielle – So glad you found my little world of madness πŸ™‚ I can’t find your comment from a December post; do you remember which post it was? haha it sounds like you experienced first hand just how sometimes there can be ‘too much information’ available. I’m very much the type of person that wants to get to know you through spoken words instead of dodgy photos and even more spelling on Facebook hehe. FB takes away all the magic of getting to know people and making new friends. Give me face to face chats and emails any day of the way πŸ™‚ Lovely to have you here!

  26. Noela

    I recently re-activated my FB page to view a group and there was most of my old information (even though I’d deleted everything possible before I de-activated previously. Within 20 minutes I saw all the stuff which made me want to leave the first time and the thought of all that time-wasting sent me straight to the de-activate button but this time forever!
    When I was originally on FB I found long lost friends and rellies on the other side of the world, who appeared to be delighted to link up again. Whenever they were on chat and I said hello, I would get a quick hello telling me they couldn’t stay and chat as they had to go and feed their virtual fish, fight a virtual war or work on their virtual farm. What the hell is that all about, I was a real person but virtual world was far more important.
    Also I was so bored with the trivial, tacky comments. I saved the email addresses of all relevant friends and emailed them that I was leaving FB and they could drop me an email or skype anytime. Have hardly heard from a one and that includes close family.
    So Facebook, I’ve now got a life, and a very full one, doing real things!

  27. Matthew – if I didn’t have my public page, I’d delete my private profile for sure!

  28. Noela – well done for bucking the trend and de-activating! You’re spot on with your points, especially that not many people, off Facebook, keep in touch any longer – so sad.

  29. NL

    I deleted my facebook and I don’t give a d… what others think, it’s not for everyone and I like my privacy πŸ™‚

  30. Jerry

    What’s sad is the fact that most people these days write about how they hate Facebook, yet there is an undeniable compelling draw towards it – which makes us write things like this on it in the first place! Because we just know that everyone will likely see it (and take more notice of it) if we post it on a status! So we do it because otherwise we’re ignored. Everyone wants a voice.

    What’s really sad is that most of the people you want to gain comments and discussion from are real FRIENDS that live just round the corner from your house – or are a phone call away – Yet it would be seen as weird if you called them personally and discussed the topic. Therefore Facebook is not only on our screens when we’re bored – it’s also in our conversation when we’re not! People struggle to communicate on the street – others are shy, introvert, withdrawn – yet their statuses say something different! How can you be a shy person physically, but post all kinds of controversial dross online, in an instant?!

    When it comes to relationships this is a big problem – who wants to find out the hard way, that the partner they thought was quiet, cool, dignified, private – is actually a naughty raver! Someone who loves the attention, someone who shows people everything about his/herself with no shame at all?! ..and probably to 600 people they don’t even know or have never met!

    Let’s face it – everyone gets drawn into Facebook at some point – i just wish some folks would be honest about what they like… If you like Facebook, fine, be honest. Don’t slate it then write about it ON Facebook.
    There are certain THINGS about Facebook i dislike – but i don’t dislike Facebook.
    What i can’t stand is not the site itself – the guy who invented it is an undeniably clever man, clever enough to have found a niche that taps into pretty much EVERY individual on the planet – If we thought we could invent something that appeals to the masses, that is so stupidly simple, then we would. He’s sitting back counting his millions thinking “you guys are the idiots – not me” – Instead of slating him and the site itself, what we should be concentrating on is the people who use it! The absolute idiocy of a good majority of the people who use it daily…hourly! One of the worse ‘kinds of people’ you could get status updates from in your news feed, are the ones that write things like “God, this has got to be the worse day ever…” – or “Well, i’m really angry now…” – or “I can’t believe the cheek of some people…” – Now, we all know they are attention seeking idiots that are fishing for comments – but what’s worse is the people who comment back – “..What’s wrong hun?” – or “Are you ok babe?” – You’re making them worse! …then they say “…Oh, nothing, i’ll tell you later!” – WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT?? IT’S NOT EVEN A CONVERSATION! Complete waste of time and energy.
    We shouldn’t ENABLE people like this on Facebook. The best thing to do is NOT comment – say nothing – make them think they’re on their own in their sad little worlds, wondering who’s gonna pay them attention! Everyone has gone back to being a kid in a playground because of this site! It’s amazing how you don’t know people until a social networking site like this comes out.

    Unfortunately, contrary to what the original intention probably was, people aren’t using Facebook to ‘stay in touch with old friends’ anymore…this is only a small minority – most are using it to gain attention, seek popularity (as if this site actually gives you that in the real world!), and to talk to their real friends, whom they’ve probably just spoken to on the phone!!
    Next…who wants to see pictures of someone being sick? I know we have a morbid fascination with the weird and wonderful, and we all like to see what folks get up to – it’s called being nosey, and we’re all guilty of it – just like when we walk past someone’s window when it’s Christmas time and peak in to see what lights they’ve put up. But come on… Someone you’ve just met (probably through Facebook) is seeing pictures of you in your lingerie, or doing a poo, or they’ve just seen the ugliest, sweatiest, nastiest shot of you at some nightclub at 2am…and to make things worse, instead of deleting it, your comments underneath are ‘F*** me, that’s awful, you F***ing cow, how could you post that of me on here? I look like a F***ing dragon, I’m gonna F*** you up next time i see you – what you up to later?” – Classy… That’s someone’s partner or wife/husband!
    Why do we bother to put clothes on when we walk down the street??
    In future, why don’t we just take a shit in public? – Or find someone random in a shop – shake hands with them (actually, don’t bother with that), just tell them your name, your date of birth, your home address, your dress size, what you like to eat, where you’re going later on that night, who with, your relationship status, your sexual interests, and while you’re at it – grab the back of their head, and pull it towards your arse to show them your new tattoo! In fact, just write it all down and put it in their pocket…and when you walk off – do one of those profile picture poses that every young girl under the age of 20 does on her mobile phone – you know, the pouty one? Shape your hair nice and big and pretend you’re Posh Spice or something, while you blow them a kiss goodbye.
    Then when a pervert tries to stalk you – you’ll wonder why?

    You see, this isn’t Facebook itself – this is the people using it!

    Recently i have seen hoaxes about celebrity deaths – again, not the person who wrote it – it’s the people who SHARE it that are stupid! Most didn’t even bother to look up the alleged claim on Google before pressing ‘Like’ and ‘share’ – it’s actually quite sick!

    Talking of the ‘like’ button – I suppose at least it’s a little more discreet than actually posting the comment “I like this” – and it means you can retain your privacy a little – like when someone posts ‘Happy Birthday” on your wall – you can’t possibly say ‘Thanks’ underneath everyone’s comment! Unless you’ve got all the time in the world…But then, there’s nothing worse than someone who says they have no time for anything – yet they’ve spent most of the day constantly checking their Facebook pages, and commenting and ‘liking’ statuses!

    There is an argument that Facebook could actually be good as a promotional tool – say, if you were in a band or ran your own graphic design company and wanted to advertise – in this case we should use every public media tool available to us, because it means free marketing! Of course. But if you are in a band, or you run your own graphic design company, or you’re an entrepreneur of your own business – and the next comment you make to 1001 friends (whom you don’t know), is “I’m gonna get F***ing smashed at the weekend – bring it on!” – Don’t expect many clients.

  31. FB stinks for these reasons:

    1. FB should be somewhere to be yourself. But you can’t. So if you have to censor/double think everything before putting it on FB, then what is the point of having an account?

    2. Relationships. It is crap when you have to see what your ex is up to, or if they contact you when you no longer want them etc. It is also a stadium for players and pimps, to play with your mind and make out they like you when really they don’t. They are just bored and want to see if they still got it (no you have not by the way).

    3. It creates delusional thinking. If someone is a friend they will call you, be there for you in times of trouble. In fact you dont have to talk/message someone every day to be a friend. A true friend should be easy to talk to even if you have not chatted for months.

    4. It causes paranoia in relationships, and makes relationships boring. No worse shame that putting a single status back on after a break up. Then all the sympathy messages….yuck!

    5. Constant ‘new’ pictures of people….doing the same old things i.e. drunk and legless.

    6. People thinking you are a weirdo because you are NOT on FB! I hate people harassing you to join it! They just want confirmation that you are as dysfunctional as they are.

    Facebook is just an online version of a scrapbook, very childish teenager stuff really. It’s like finding those old school workbooks with stickers of your heartthrob on and ‘Emma and John 4 Eva’ on it. It really is a very juvenile site for people who do not want to grow up.

    More than this, underneath its juvenile exterior, Facebook is a grevious sin and the work of the devil. It promotes all sinly attitudes i.e. pride of life, jealousy, coveteousness, gossip, slander, snootiness, intent to stalk/kill etc.

    I know that may sound extreme, but it is the truth. Facebook is addictive and can get out of hand for many people. If you want to be happy look to the Lord Jesus, not some one dimensional site that encourages the rat race mentality, and eventually starts to eat away at your soul.

  32. Ellen – fantastic rant!! Some brilliant reasons not to like Facebook or even be on it in the first place. I agree that we often see the same ‘drunk’ photos which gets tiresome and embarrassing and having to announce to the world that you’re no longer in a relationship…it’s hard work!

    If I didn’t need Facebook for my blog, I wouldn’t want to be on it and yet I probably would be…simply to keep up with my friends because it seems that we never talk to each other on a one to one level anymore, we all just post it to everyone and see who comments; it’s a shame!

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts Ellen; really appreciated! πŸ™‚

  33. I hate Facebook too, but I have never had a page on it. Here’s why. I get online to look up data, or play a game, or do my work. If I wanted to talk to someone, I would call them, or send them an email. Why do I have to get a page so they can track me day to day. Also, I am not a social butterfly. If I am not talking to you, there might be a reason why. Why do I have to put up with 500 people I quit talking to years ago trying to find me and talk to me. If I was that important to them, why didn’t they walk up to me and say Hi, or maybe call my phone. I stopped talking to all of you on purpose, GO AWAY!

  34. Randy – some pretty good points! I know what you mean about actually speaking to people…as easy as it is to send a message on Facebook, I still really appreciate a call or personal email! I have so few ‘friends’ because, like you, I don’t see the point of speaking to people I used to speak to when I was back in school etc but have no interest in talking to now…so pointless!