I love my African postman!

Ok, so my postman isn’t African but look what he delivered…my Rough Guide book! Yeah baby 143 days to go  =)

And if you’re wondering what the hell I look like, there is a legitimate reason (yes there is!).

The ‘funny’ top I’m wearing is actually a Giraffe(ish) print scarf I bought last weekend. Several reasons for getting it…it was cheap, it’s light enough to carry and wash, long enough to act as a headscarf, pashmina or modesty maker (when us Westerners sometimes forget to cover up) and most importantly so I can sneak up on the Giraffe’s and blend in well enough to get an up, close and personal photo haha. If only they were as stupid as Melman from the Madagascar film then I might be in with a chance.

The straw hat is also new. I think I look ridiculous in it but it’s durable, good for shade and if Melman the Giraffe mistakes it for food then I may be in with another chance for the up, close and personal photo, no?

Also in the ‘news’ this week – my Malaria medication, which has now been well and truly sorted; can I get an ‘amen’?!  One of the girls from work went to Africa last year but as it was Winter didn’t take all of her Malarone tablets (tut tut) but it meant she came back with almost an entire month’s worth and she’s giving them to me for the price of a bottle of wine.  Now, I should write a little disclaimer and say that you ‘shouldn’t take other people’s prescriptions’ BUT Malarone is a genetic medication so, as the Nurse said, ‘as long as it is in date and been kept in a good condition, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t save yourself a little money’.  Couldn’t agree more; especially when the ‘little money’ she’s talking about is actually over £100 so I’ve saved myself one huge chunk of change. Oh yeah!

And before I sign off I should also note that there’s going to be a few changes around this place over the next few weeks in the run up to Africa.  I’ll actually be turning this into more of a travel blog, bits at a time anyway.  I won’t be turning it into a generic space that churns out post after post of crap but I will be adding pages about my travels retrospectively, adding to my travel blog reading list and dishing out some relevent advice that I wish someone had told me (or I had the sense to research) before I went.


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  1. You’re so much more organised than me! I’m more of the buy-a-guidebook-at-the-airport (or, not at all…) kind of traveller 😉

  2. Rachel – I think my over-excitement caught me up a little here. To be honest, I don’t really need one since my trip is organised for me but I wanted to read about the places/countries as we entered. I’m not quite sure I could be like you…my mind would blow up lol