I see your relaxation and raise you an elephant trek

Sooooooooo…how did my travel research ban go? Well, pretty much non-existent lol. I didn’t even last until lunchtime Friday before I continued scouting the World Wide Web for information. I just don’t have the time…it’s just under 7 WEEKS (ahhh!) before I go away and as much as I’d like to take a breather, it’s just not possible. Besides which, if I don’t research, I risk spending over the odds for something I could have found cheaper if I’d looked harder or longer. And anyway, I won’t have time to research this weekend when I’m up in London although since it’s a travel show I’m going to, I’m not really having ‘time off’ am I? Hmmm :p

My research has been focusing more on Bali over the weekend which has relaxed me just as the mere thought of 2 weeks in the blissful sun. Though I’m not sure how much relaxing I’ll be doing since I’m going diving, white water river rafting, elephant trekking, canoeing and climbing a volcano – jealous much?! Lol. I’ll try not to rub it in 😀

My food cravings are now out of control…today I want a tuna mayonnaise sandwich as well as a special oat and chocolate cereal. I seem to be getting more random by the day!

Oh and just to let you know, I’ve had a clear out of my Google reader over the weekend too and have therefore stopped following quite a few blogs. If yours is one of them, I’m sorry but I’m getting a bit fed up of following your life and commenting if you don’t extend the courtesy…I thought the whole point of the blogosphere was to be interactive? I get that you might not like what I write or the way I write it…you don’t have to follow…but if I stop by to say ‘hi’, the least I expect is a polite ‘hi’ back, you get me? Moving on…

I’ll also be sprucing up this place with a couple of new additions over the next few weeks so I’ll keep you posted…literally 🙂
In the meantime, I’ll let you in on my latest search terms:
Sexy secretary – why yes, you have come to the right place!
Sexy housewife in sexy dress– pretty sure your wife isn’t going to do it…buy some porn instead.
Granny shitting – I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again…stay the hell away from my blog you nutter!

p.s. I work on the first floor of an office building within the hospital with a busy sidewalk to the car park outside and, with the window open, I burped so loud that a lady looked up. But it’s okay…mum was the one looking out the window so she get’s the blame! 😀
p.s. It took me 15 minutes to write that ‘p.s.’ since mum and I were laughing so hard we were crying and almost hyperventilating!

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  1. Heck yes I’m jealous! 😀 I know you’ll have a fabulous time. I’m looking forward to my year of Danish-speaking travel (no, I don’t speak Danish, but I’m going to 3 countries where they do).

    I lost a follower today – I hope it wasn’t you 😛

  2. the granny one…too much.

    elephant treking would be so cool! i understand the reader nightmare. mine gets that way quite often, and without net at home i hit it hard early in the morning and right before i head home. on weekends, i just ty to keep up.

  3. Did you stop following me?? OMG! You did, didn’t you? I am just kidding, if you did, I would have to follow you to China just to get you back on my blog lol!

    It is great to hear how fun of a time that you had writing the ps. The granny shitting thing is disgusting. I like my shitting girls to at least be under forty! hahahah!

  4. Toni

    Rachel – I’d never stop following you! Nice to have another UK blogger 🙂 Oooh, where are you going on your travels and when?! Details, I want details!

  5. Toni

    Brian – I think there is a temptation to follow everyone and as fun as it can be at times…I have enough ‘one sided’ relationships in my life without ones on here taking up valuable reading time for the better blogs out there! I don’t want to get my reading list too unmanageable 🙂

  6. Toni

    OTIN – me stop following you? Yeah, that’ll be the day Clay Aiken tells everyone he’s actually straight! Besides which, you can’t follow me to China if I’m stalking you first :p And regarding the shitting girls…here’s the line you crossed ——— and you’re waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy over here –> !! 😀

  7. Ooh Bali sounds divine!

    Yeah, I’ve never had the guts to see what search terms people use to find my blog. Not sure I ever will.