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Dreamland Beach

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Hi guys,

Sorry I haven’t been in touch but the internet over here isn’t that reliable and to be honest, I’ve just been too busy to stop by. And if you’re wondering about the title of the post it’s because on every tour or pick-up I’ve had in Asia, I seemed to have changed sex lol.

Sooooo….my birthday. Actually, just before I tell you about that, I should tell you that the day before (Wednesday) I met two English girls called Laura and Jess and we got on so well we decided to travel together about the island. Anyway…back to Thursday…

I went white water river rafting in the morning and as soon as I got on the van that picked me up I got chatting to two Americans…Korina who works in Jakarta and her nephew Ivan who was on holiday after just graduating from high school. We drove about an hour through the ‘real Bali’ i.e. rice paddies, immense traffic and crappy roads before arriving to get kitted out and head down the 425 steps to the river…our legs were shaking by the time we reached the bottom! But anyway, there were just us three and our guide on the boat which was really nice and our guide sat me at the front by myself because I was the birthday girl.

The Ayung River was gorgeous and looked like something because Jurassic Park and Lost…endless carvings in the river bank rocks, waterfalls everywhere and unspoilt bamboo trees 60ft tall! Amazing! And when we stopped our boat to get out by a waterfall, the guide and the rest of my boat decided to dunk me under the waterfall and get me drenched – great fun! 🙂 The 1.5hrs were over far too quickly but for the last 25m we got to jump out of the boat and just let the river take us which was awesome. Lunch was over-looking rice paddies and before we knew it we were off to the Elephant Safari Park.

We went straight on the elephant and I got the ‘King of the Herd’ – Mr Wongo haha. Apparently he’s a complete playboy…has three wives and has fathered all three babies in the park hehe. He’s also the most famous elephant in the park and everyone from Tony Blair to the Beckhams has been on him…yay for bragging rights haha. I got to feed the elephants, touch them and have flowers put over my head – VERY cool! Absolutely loved it and the whole day…but it wasn’t over yet…

Got back to the hostel and the girls had booked us in for full body massages which we had talked about and when we went to the spa they had my name up on the wall wishing my a Happy Birthday – how cool is that?! Even better was the fact that Jess and Laura paid for my massage (a grand total of 5GBP for 60 mins!!) as a present…sweet or what? After that we headed for dinner at a really posh resort over-looking the beach and as a ‘cake’, on the way home, we bought a chocolate doughnut from the supermarket and used a lighter for a candle as the girls sang ‘Happy Birthday’. It really was a GREAT DAY and I won’t forget it in a hurry!

On Friday we hired a driver for the day to take us around the South of the Island which is the blue sky, white sand you always see in brochures (but actually, probably isn’t a very true representation of Bali) and we did a little ‘beach safari’. We went to Dreamland, Padang Padang and the famous Uluwatu. Turns out that on Wednesday President Obama will be here for an official visit too – how cool is that?! Very cool I think 🙂 We ended our day by watching the sunset whilst at Uluwatu temple watching a traditional Bahanese dance as the sun was setting in the background – great stuff!

We’re now in Ubud which is the ‘cultural capital’ of the island and more towards the centre. We’re hopefully going to walk around the rice paddies and explore etc and with any luck book the tour that takes us up for the sunrise hike of Mount Batur which is the second highest volcano on the island – yay! After that, who knows!


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  1. Alison

    It all sounds really fab. What a birthday to remember.

    A x