I’m on fire baby!

First let me confess something (since I’m off to London this weekend for the travel show I was telling you about)…
London and I don’t get on. We haven’t since July 2007. I make plans and think ‘this time it will be different’…I stick my positive hat on and off I travel on the coach (it takes me almost 6 hours but I LOVE travelling this way…I would almost go as far to say that I love the journey more than the weekends up in London haha) but every fricking time it burns me and has me vow I will never go there again. I’m either enthusiastically optimistic or a gullible idiot…I can’t quite figure it out.

I won’t go into all the details but July 2007 I went to London with my best friend who got so drunk she kept shouting that it was ‘disgusting’ there were so many foreigners around and burst into tears telling me what a horrible friend I was, that I was ‘fake’ etc and ended up assaulting me in the middle of Covent Garden at 12.30am and throwing my passport in the street. When I found her on the bathroom floor of the hotel room in the morning I thought she’d died; she was as white as a sheet, her lips were blue and I had to shake her hard to wake her but she stormed out so she was ‘fine’. I gave her a five minute warning that I was going home but I left her in the hotel room and was prepared to go home without her but surprisingly she got to the bus terminal in time. When we got home she got off the coach and we’ve never spoken since. She has never apologised. A holiday ruined, a friendship lost. I’m not sure I ever got over it.

Since that time I’ve been to London several times where I have lost things, missed transport, missed theatre shows and stopped a shop lifter on my way back to a hostel after a very long and upsetting day. All of which had me realising that London is a very cold and unforgiving city when you’re already alone.

So, there are my reasons for my love/hate relationship with London but once again I go with a cautious smile and the hope that this time, it will be much different.

And in some really exciting news – (You know I’ve booked my tickets through a company called STA travel which specialise in under-26 travel (no? Where the hell have you been?!)). I’m the STA (star = STA travel agency; geddit?) attraction of their travel buzz website right now and am currently on their front page! I’m officially a STA travel explorer meaning that I get to talk about all things travel-related i.e. cockroach infested hostels, my experiences with STA Travel and any magical mystery tours I plan to take and they create a profile for me and advertise my website. A bit of ‘you scratch my back and I’ll exfoliate yours’. Ahh – how proud of myself am I? My family and ‘real life’ friends haven’t really taken an interest in my blog so it feels really good to get some recognition for the time and effort I’ve put into this place.

Oh and to top it all off may I say a HUGE thank you to Pop and Ice for my first ever blog award! Ahh so fricking happy!

I could be coy like her and say it’s not deserved but well, it’s long overdue in my book. How about THAT for confidence?! 😀 lol. Joking aside, it’s really appreciated and lovely to know that I’m thought deserving-enough of an award. I’m too lazy to tag it on (bite me!) but I’ll follow the rule about ‘7 things you don’t know about me’ because, well, this is my blog and I like writing about myself surprisingly…
1. I have my levels 1 and 2 in Sign Language…there was no specific reason to learn at 14, I just thought it looked fun and interesting; I was right.
2. I have an OBSESSION with WWE wrestling (it’s fake but it’s called entertainment for a reason)…mum is embarrassed that I enjoy watching ‘violence’ so much!
3. When I was 10 years old I wrote to our Prime Minister about the role of ‘toy guns’ in children’s play i.e. at the arcades etc…I got a reply.
4. At aged 17 my friend and I did a ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ and spent the weekend planning ‘my’ wedding…I even tried on a dress which had people in the shop gasping that I ‘looked beautiful’ – that was a FUN weekend!
5. When I was 11, I joined Slimming World and lost 17lbs. I did another diet last year and lost 140lbs in the form of a boyfriend (ooh that was a dark joke).
6. Warm apples (i.e. in an apple pie) will make me physically sick every time.
7. A couple of years ago I had a ninja-like hamster who I loved greatly so when my friend starting taking the mickey out of me, when he went to the loo, I stuck a hamster poo in his Coke…he never could understand why we asked if his drink tasted ‘nutty’…serves him right the insensitive asshole 😀

I’ll catch up with you on Friday night to let you know how London is looking after me so far!


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  1. i had the worst warm apples at school eating with my boy today…ugh.

    i learned sign language to communicate with my rappeling belay.

  2. Toni

    Brian – warm apples are disgusting and I think school dinners managed to put me off quite a few things – yuck! lol

  3. Ooh – I was just shopping airfares to London today when I learned that AirMiles rewards were changing. Hope this isn’t a bad omen.

    What a wonderful feature on you there, Ms Front Pager – how cool!

  4. So sorry about the lost friendship on that one trip to London… and believe it or not, not too many of my family or friends read my blog either, at least not in the beginning. I think more of them do now?? Not sure… the only person who ever comments is my sister! I’ve taken them to task on this subject before, to no avail… I reminded them I started this blog FOR THEM so they could see what I was up to since I moved to another state. Ah well. I think this happens to many a blogger. We find our own community here, don’t we, which makes up for the lack of family/friends. 🙂

    Hamster poo in his drinkie?? Oh my goodness Toni. Wouldn’t have thought that of you. Tsk-tsk. I’ll have to remember that lil prank for any future need, LMAO!!!