Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a…


(come on, what did you really think I was going to say? Answers in the comments below…I have a feeling they were stupid thoughts)

Chances are that you’ll have a good few months before you leave and if you’re sensible (i.e. you know how to get your s*** together) you’ll be buying the ‘must need’ items over that time (and not just the week before you silly, drunken people).

The problem you’re going to have is that you’ll end up having so many ‘stash’ places for all the small things for your travel kit that when it comes time to pack you won’t find anything, which is where the box comes in. Sure, you’re going to know where your backpack is but the mini alarm clock (which you will HATE after a late night) or the head torch for those really awkward ‘I’m going to pee in the dark’ moments? Yeah, they’re going to be harder to find.

There’s no need to get ‘size envy’ either – your box can be as big or as small as you want. Personally? Mine is small because I know where everything (ok, most, ok, some – stop looking at me like that!) is in my room but of course, you could have one as big as yourself though, like your backpack, you might be tempted to fill it and before you know it, you’ll pack your bag and have a turtle moment. You know, the bag is bigger than you so someone (aka ME) pushes you over and you can’t get back up again? Yep, those wonderful moments when it hurts your ego but brings joy to everyone else around =)

It’s got everything from disposable ponchos and a first aid kit to head torches and the all important binoculars (for the wildlife, not staring at the opposite sex from a distance…although technically, they probably still count as wildlife so go ahead!).

A box doesn’t sound like anything special but trust me, it works for your travel kit. And if you can’t be bothered with a box (which is unlikely since most packs of beers come in cardboard packaging) then find a shelf or a draw to store it all. I would say that the latter two work just as well as a box but they don’t…a box works because I use a box and I would recommend nothing less =) Anything else is just, well, ‘wrong’!

And what about you?  What are YOU going to box up?

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  1. Don’t know who you think you’re kidding that the binoculars are for wildlife, you little perv. And I’m glad to see you’re joining the sexy poncho brigade that I was part of in Vietnam. But I have to say that you are so organised it’s scary. For my RTW trip I will probably make a list (while I’m packing) and then run round like a headless chicken trying to find all the things I put in a “safe place” *sigh*

  2. @Julia – Well I’ll try and become a member of the sexy poncho brigade but since they’re yellow, I have a feeling I’ll look more like big bird =( Not sure I’d call it organised, more like afraid of my OCD lol. I think I get so worried about losing/forgetting the big stuff such as my passport, it makes me paranoid about the little things and it would drive me insane to realise I’d left something at home even if I never even used it haha

  3. Dominique

    I like your box (Why does that sound dirty? Hmmm?)It is a great idea because right now I have stuff stashed in several places that I should lump all together in a BOX! Simple but practical. 🙂

  4. @Dominique – it totally sounds dirty saying you like my box – love it haha. It’s such a simple idea isn’t it? That you keep everything in one place and yet it never happens haha