It’s official…

I’ve just had the two shittest days since I began traveling.
I won’t go into details because I can’t be bothered and they make me upset but needless to say that I’m finally in Koh Samui after the longest, crappest day of travelling to get here yesterday. Though today was the second bad day as I had to leave my hostel due to ants in my bed and paying for electric (!!) so finally found somewhere close to the beach and…couldn’t unpack because I had to go to hospital. I’m fine, I just had a rash since coming off the boat (nothing to do with sex thank you very much!! Take your minds out of the gutter) and it was getting worse. But after a few hours, I got some lotions and potions and I should be fine in a couple of days. Better safe than sorry. I mean, I know what kind of parasites live here on dry land (their call is ‘Tuk Tuk’) but who knows what’s in the water.

Anyway, it’s been raining for most of the afternoon here so I had a couple of drinks before chilling out in my room trying to catch up on some sleep before tonight. I’ll go out for dinner and then on to the Reggae Pub which is the oldest and biggest in Samui. All we did on the boat last week was listen to Bob Marley whilst we drank and smoke so I’ve been listening to him and cheering myself up. And since I don’t want to talk about how crap I feel, here’s a couple more boat photos:

Me, Alex (middle) and Bennie. God I could stare at Alex all day – especially with his shirt off hahahaha 😉

Rene was one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. We spent our dive breaks talking in stupid voices imagining the kind of the conversations fish would have if they could talk haha

This was on Sunday when we visited Island No4. You can just see me in the shadow of the tree and it was as I was playing hide and seek with Alex when he took the photo.

And in all my over-excitement of my last post, I forgot to write the most important Dear Mr letter:
Dear Body of Mine,
I would just like to congratulate and thank you for working so damn hard without barely a moan or grumble; it really was well above the call of duty considering you had no training. I also wanted to say a ‘huge thank you’ for making me look and feel so smoking hot in a bikini 24/7. I’ll admit, I was nervous the first time I got into my wet suit with a boat full of men looking at me but you know what? They could have looked all day and night because the fact that Alex and I got together despite me not wearing any make up means I must have looked pretty damn good. I shall always remember you for treating me so well Body!
Signed; I’ll take care of you for future nakedness

In a final note…I’m also half-way through my adventure so the ‘down time’ starts now. Weird to think I’ve only been on the road for six weeks when it feels like six months. How has it been so far? So much harder than I thought it would be. Maybe it’s because I was so damaged after Mr Officer and Sweetpea or that I hate to keep moving when I’m so exhausted; don’t know. There have been tears shed at the side of a pool, on the beach, in my room and everywhere else you can think of BUT I’m still here. I could have gone home but I carried on and the rewards have been immense. I had the most random weekend in Hong Kong with a bunch of strangers and experienced the week of my life diving on the liveaboard boat and if I’d given up I never would have met such great people and enjoyed myself so much. That is something I can, and should, be proud of myself for. I was strong enough to leave home when I couldn’t bear the thought of opening my bedroom door and I’m strong enough to cope with the bad days knowing that there will be good ones to follow. Most people I’ve met along the way can’t tell me how brave I am for doing it alone and knowing what a mess I was before I left, I take even greater comfort in those small words. I AM brave, I CAN be proud and I WILL stay strong.

Anyway, better go…I’m off to get some dinner then party all night with Mr Bob Marley and associates haha


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  1. I hope you’re feeling better now? I could just step into that last photo… beautiful 🙂

  2. Woo,that Alex, he is a hottie fershur!! 🙂

    Toni, I am so proud of you for going on this trip, no to mention downright jealous, LOL, but seriously, I know how difficult it was for you TO GO. I love all the experiences you are having, and I wish so much I could have done something like this when I was your age. You will remember this for the rest of your life, and it will grow in your memory to become the absolute best time of your life.


  3. Suz – thanks for being proud of me. I guess, I am a little proud of myself if I’m honest. I’ve had some really low days since I’ve been away and wanted to stop travelling but I persisted and it’s paid off big time. I can definitely look back on this trip and say that I’m glad I did it, especially after that happened before I left. Glad you’re ‘taking the ride’ with me 😀