I’ve dragged myself to Hong Kong!

Shocking I know but this will be a short post…I’m aware of all the hints and digs that my posts are long but hey, who gives a crap. They’re as much for my benefit as yours since I want to make a book with my photos at the end of my adventures so if you don’t want to read ’em you don’t have to…end of note 😀 Besides, it takes you twice as long to read them as it does for me to type them :p

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve arrived safe and sound in Hong Kong though I feel like the walking dead. I swear to god, I’ve never felt so rough in my entire life. I’m only just getting over the flu though have a throat that feels like razor blades and was so tired in Bangkok airport it took me 30 seconds for me to tell a woman where I was flying on to because I was so spaced out. But, I got out of the airport okay and on the bus to the hostel. Ahhh, the hostel. It’s tiny but close to the main station and in a good part of town so I can’t really complain. Glad I’m only here for four days though. Oh and let’s not forget that in order to have a shower you have to stand to the side of the toilet. Yep, that’s right folks, the toilet and sink all are there but you have a shower about the toilet…bizarre but I guess it’s necessary when everyone is fighting for space.

Anyway, before I sign off, I just wanted to let you know that Sheepy and Duke are front page news. Ok, so not exactly. But you remember that I’m a travel explorer for the website STA Travel Buzz? Well, the picture of Sheepy and Duke at the Imperial Palace Bridge is one of three profiles they’re showing on they’re website right now…S&D are feeling pretty impressed with themselves!

Aloha! (yes I’m too tired to talk Chinese).

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  1. Jamie T

    Wooo! Nice one on the fame!

    Who cares if they’re too long, that’s what skim reading’s for 😉 hehe

    How long are you there for?
    J. x