I’ve made it to Zambia!

Two amazing days to talk about!

Monday was a day of medicine for the soul. Up at 5.45am to do a three hour game drive around Chobe National Park in Botswana. We saw giraffe right next to our truck and more elephants than you could count…they have approx 50,000 in the park! We also had them around our campsite which made for some interesting noises at night! We saw a lot of really unusual birds and our first buffalo and hippo…we even watched some baby hippos ‘breach’ in the water and I captured a great video of it. I’ve decided that I’m totally in love with elephants but there is something equally graceful about hippos too – maybe it’s because they’re so far haha. We all sat on the game truck in our sleeping bags as it was so cold but all our photos made it incredibly worthwhile!

That wasn’t the best bit of the day though…the sunset cruise? Rendered me speechless and I found those happy tears I’d wanted so much! I can’t describe it to you. A gentle cruise down the river with animals for as far as the eye can see – I couldn’t count all the elephants and hippos there were so many! I am absolutely loving Luca the Lumix for all the incredible shots he helped me get. Check out my Facebook page for some recent ones! I sat there staring out into the national park with the sun slowly fading watching elephant, hippo and buffalo walk together – it was a scene only the heart can recognise =)

Yesterday was another incredible day as we visited Victoria Falls…although it was a little disappointing that we saw it in dry season so it wasn’t completely covered in water, it was still a ‘wow’ moment! The funny thing was that you could see Zimbabwe because it’s just over the bridge – very weird! I also dangled my legs over the falls which is much more dangerous than Devils Pool. We climbed over some rocks and found a spot to sat down before sticking our legs over the edge. There was no ‘ledge’ just the Devil’s Pool to keep you in…if I lent over too far I would have been toast. Looking back I can’t believe I actually did it! Magical! And I got an amazing shot of me doing it with a magnificent rainbow in the background!!! Keep checking my Facebook page =)

I’m going to do the Devil’s pool tomorrow morning with Laura as it’s her birthday so a champagne breakfast over-looking the falls will be great!! Then on Friday I’m doing a MICROLITE flight!!!! I fly over the falls and get a video of it too…I seriously can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Two thirds of the group are leaving us tonight so there’s going to be a big party at the campsite as a send off – the bar won’t know what’s hit them!

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  1. So glad you are having the time of your life on this adventure. It must make the months of anxiously waiting worth it! Stay Safe.

  2. That cruise sounds life changing. I can’t decide whether I’m jealous of you or happy for you.

    Can it be both? >_>

  3. Chris – of course it can be both =) You’ll die when you see the photos mwahaha hehe

  4. Erik – I can’t deny that the trip is extremely hard with the early mornings and long drives but you’re right, the months of worry etc have all been worth it – words can’t express how good I feel here! =)