Well folks, I’m here alive and kicking. Ok, so not kicking and barely alive but you get my drift. It’s been almost 11,000 miles already and I’ve been awake non-stop for 30 hours so far and it’s only 5.15pm over here.

Anyway, I’ll post again tonight giving you all the details but right now I stink and definitely don’t feel like a woman so I’m just going to head into my ‘bathroom in a closet’ (no I’m not joking) and head out for a wonder around my local habitat. FYI…when I was arriving here by train I thought I’d picked a dump to stay in…turns out it’s like a mini-fricking Tokyo with all it’s going ons!

Catch up later

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  1. Hi Toni, Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. Sorry its took some time to reply (Im so rude). Hope you are having a lovely time and have had a shower ‘stinky’ LOL! Looking forward to seeing some piccys of where you are. Toodle Pip for now X