Make your mind up South Africa!

After the contradictions of Cape Town and the Langa Township tour,our Acacia Africa group of 21 got on our truck and headed North in South Africa. Yes people, just because the country has ‘South’ in its title, you can still travel North, East, West AND South – who knew? 😉

What I found funny was the total lack of feeling that I was in Africa.  Instead I went from feeling like I was in the UK then through Europe and finally, landing on Mars.

South Africa landscape

In the beginning, it was green...

South African landscape

Then it turned pink...

South African landscape

Before it became brown...

South Africa landscape

And we ended up on Mars!

This was all before we spent our first night in Spain/France/Italy the Highlanders Campsite which over-looked the guy’s vineyards and the mountains. Not a bad place to spend your first night camping when the view from your tent door looks like this…

Highlands Winery, South Africa

The view from my tent!

Even the showers had the same view with glass-free windows looking out on it…genius!

As it was our first night together, Sparky, the owner of the campsite cooked us all a gorgeous meal though since most of the group had been on his wine-tasting tour earlier in the evening, I think they enjoyed the meal because it soaked up the alcohol more than anything else haha.  A lovely introduction to camping though and I was intrigued by my first night EVER in a tent.  Yes people.  Before this trip not only had I never been in a tent but never camped either.  I told you; I find it easier to jump into the deep end in life; you’re bound to swim eventually right?! 😉

I’d liked to say that we had a good first’s night but quite frankly, even after the six weeks were over, I can STILL say that it was our worst night’s sleep EVER!  We ‘knew’ it could get cold at night in South Africa.  What we didn’t know was just HOW cold it could get.  The sleeping bags we were in and the 5 layers we had on?  Didn’t even keep us at core temp!  We were so cold that most of us didn’t sleep and took us the entire next day to finally warm up.  I would say that it was so cold my nipples could have cut glass but quite frankly I could have cut through diamonds with those puppies! Yowzers!

We then moved on to our final stop in South Africa which sat right on the border next to Namibia…

Orange River

Orange River separating South Africa and Namibia

Where I’m standing and snapping the photo is South Africa (obviously 😉 ) but straight ahead is Namibia and you can swim across the river and say that you touched (but not inappropriately of course) another country!  The water looks nice and calm but there’s a strong undercurrent which gets you if you’re not careful.  And no, I didn’t swim over.  Drowning on my second day wasn’t the plan though a couple of the group did it and came back safely.  FYI, the son who helps run the campsite is smoking hot (even when he does where a sarong). Just saying. 😉

So what did I think of South Africa as a whole?  Well I’m not going to say that I have an objective opinion because I only really spent a few days there and I kept to the West of the country but from what I saw I would definitely go back. Some of our trip group had been based around Durban and Johannesburg and they enjoyed themselves.  So would I go back to explore more?  Definitely! If you get me the money, I’ll get you an experience you won’t forget =)

Catch me next time as we head on over to Namibia, my second favourite country of the whole trip!

Don’t forget you can check out these (AND MORE) photos on my Flickr page!

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  1. Never in a tent before?

    I love camping, but it gets harder the older I get…

  2. Erik – I have to admit that I don’t know how ‘older’ people camp every weekend…my body was aching but thankfully I still loved it =)

  3. Jen

    I’ve never been in a tent either!! My boyfriend wants to go next summer in a campsite in spain and even that I’m a bit nervous of… you’re so brave to have your first attempt in South Africa… gutted about the cold!

  4. Jen – If you’re not ridiculously high-maintenance then you’ll be find and Spain is a pretty good place to have your first go! Do it…you won’t regret…but you might haha 😉

  5. I’m so glad I’m not alone as a newbie camper! Never did it until Australia and when I did, it was for 2.5 weeks! I didn’t sleep much but I guess I got enough to decide to camp for 2 straight months later in the year…and AMAZING how cold it can be overnight when it’s beautiful during the day. Now that you’ve camped, you can take on affordable road trips all over the place!

  6. Australia has a Western Australia and a South Australia, but no Eastern Australia or North Australia (although Northern Territory comes close).

    Love the pics btw 🙂

  7. Heather – I think camping really is a case of you either love it or you hate it and there’s no in between. Glad to hear that you loved it so much though! And yes, I couldn’t believe JUST how cold it could get at night – yowzer!

  8. Chris – I never know that about the South and Western…you learn something new every day =) And that you for the compliment as ever!!

  9. Ed – Seriously. But he was still hot so it was allowed 😀