My job or my happiness?

Friday was not a good day.

I was told at the work that whilst I was allowed my 3 months off they couldn’t guarantee my job at the end of it. They could guarantee a job when I return, just not the same position. I sat in my managers office in stunned silence for a minute sensing that warm feeling when your eyes fill with tears; my job or my happiness, which is a ridiculously huge decision to make but guess which one won? My happiness.

That’s right. I am taking the trip of a lifetime with the possibility of not having a job to come back to. Thank god for living back with my mum! So, begs the questions. If there is a possibility I haven’t got a job to come back to, do I take it to the extreme and leave for 12 months and work my way around? It’s such a shame I have this huge thing hanging over me. I will need to force myself not to care about whether I have a job at the end of it or not. Whilst it would be a shame as I really enjoy working for my boss and love the girls I work with, there are always options. Put it this way, if I travelled a few months ago when I was paying a mortgage and everything it entails it would be a very different story but at the moment I have no real financial commitments and I am not in debt so I have a lot going for me.

I’ve thought about it over the weekend and spoken with friends/family etc and they all agree that I should go. I mean, if I let work dictate me at my age I will always find a reason not to go. Am I right?

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  1. There are always reasons not to do … well, just about anything. At the end of the day you have to do what feels right. If you have the freedom to take longer, you can always find ways to make some money here and there on your trip… it sounds like a perfect opportunity 🙂

  2. Why are you waiting until March? That seems like a long ways away. Or perhaps you are saving up? Well, a lot can happen between now and next March so I would hold off on any serious decisions regarding your job until you actually finalize your travel plans.

    And I think we, those of us just reading the blog, need more info on this trip, how it came to be, where you work or what you do, yada yada yada etc. etc. etc……

    Background info needed!

  3. vodkamom

    DO IT!! You only live once, honey.

    do it.

  4. Regrets suck. Who knows maybe this is the beginning of the most incredible opportunity of your life. I say go for it. You will find another job. You may never find a better moment than this one to live your dreams. I look forward to seeing what you experience on your blog!

  5. Hi toni! wow, when i read this i thought you were talking about me. i kinda sorta in the same situation. shit i need a drink, i’ll think about life crap tomorrow not right now. thanks for following my blog and have fun on your trip!! bring me back something!!!

  6. This is my second comment. In the first one I just left the word ‘go’ which, according to WordPress was too short. Hopefully this is more acceptable.

    Go! Go! Go!

  7. Welcome to blogland Toni! Thanks for visiting my site. I took my chance to travel and move to another country and I was 29 at the time. I wished I had done a world tour much earlier in my life before I had mortgages and kids. Now I have to wait till retirement. You need to take this opportunity and run with it. Do as much, visit as much and befriend as many people as you can. You have the next 40 years to work. I am looking forward to reading about your travels.

  8. Toni

    Rachel – You’re right, I can always find some work abroad if I really needed to. I guess, for me, this 3 month trip is a bit of a taster and if I really like it (which I’m sure I will) I’ll see what can happen.

    Pop and Ice – Can’t afford it until March and also, I want to hit the right kind of weather in each place. I’ll be updating my ‘background’ etc asap…I have been a bit slack due to some crappy times of late but I’ll be gunning full steam ahead in no time at all…bear with me 🙂

    Vodkamon – I’ve decided I will. Everything happens for a reason right?

    Lille Diane – I’ve always thought ‘regret the things you’ve done in life, not the things you haven’t. At the end of the day, it’s just a job, I’m 23 and I still have the rest of my life ahead of me. If I don’t go now, I’ll always find a reason not to.

    Awesome Sara – I’ll race you to the bar! When I say bar I mean my kitchen and when I say kitchen, I mean my bedroom lol. Got a long way to go until my trip – not for another 9 months yet though I’ll need it to plan.

    Captain Dumbass – ‘Go!Go!Go!’ – sounds like formula one car racing lol. I will! I will! I’ve already made up my mind!

    Heather – thank you for the welcome. I’ve just come out of a mortgage etc (I’ll be updating my site for more background asap) and am determined to start living my life for ‘me’ and no one else. I’ve got lots to write about before I even get going so there won’t be a shortage of things to read! lol