Oh Africa, you do make me look unsexy…

As a backpacker, you know that you have to dress appropriately for wherever you’re going i.e. not taking a Summer wardrobe if you’re planning on doing Iceland in Winter (though it would make for interesting stories when you got back).

This also means taking clothes for activites/places that you think you might get up to once you’re finally on the road and powering full steam ahead around the continents.

For men this is a pretty easy thing to accomplish:
Dress shirt (just in case you go somewhere fancy and are on a ‘lady look out’ mission)
Board shorts
Swim stuff (and when I say stuff I really mean swim shorts ONLY! Banana hammocks/budgie smugglers are NOT ACCEPTABLE…if you don’t believe me, check out the video)
Flip flops
Trainers/walking shoes

For women it’s a little different:
Lots of vest tops (for all the layering you’ll be doing)
A neutral colour cardigan (so that you can ‘layer’ your outfit for those cold nights)
Sexy underwear (because you just can’t feel sexy in your Bridget Jones though the longer you travel, the less you will care about it….you can still get some ‘private party’ action going on; trust me!)
Nice dresses (because you can never have enough and technically they are a top and bottom in one right?!)
Flip Flops (one pair for the day and another for the night)
Trainers/walking shoes
Nice shoes
And accessories to go with all of the above

It turns out that Africa wants to turn me into a man with a fashionable twist because it’s got me wearing trousers full of pockets (which are going to add lumps and bumps to places I really don’t want them)…

Looking really unsexy in Safari gear…especially since the pink vest top will be replaced with a white one so I don’t scare off the animals (and don’t attract bitey bugs)

But these aren’t just ANY trousers. Oh no! These are the creme de la creme of unsexiness in the bottom/hip/horrible-looking knees department because they do this….

But fear not my sexy friends…I’m taking my playsuit with me on the off chance I get to show everyone just how ‘amazing’ *cough cough* I look. And of course, I will have my bikinis that can’t help themselves but show off my incredible (*ahem*) body πŸ™‚

Africa will not beat me. I have some amazing jewellery (from Primark…that way I don’t care if it gets stolen/lost etc) to take and I’m sure I’ll manage to spy a few lovely pieces of hand-made items whilst I’m there…I’m particularly looking forward to trying to get a bracelet made by the Masai people!

Watch out Africa – I’m about to spice up your safari like never before!

What about you?! Β What makes YOU feel unsexy on the road and what do you do to fix it?

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  1. Hahahaha, oh the trousers aren’t THAT bad… And I ADORE that playsuit! The one thing which is currently driving me crazy is having to wear the same outfits every single day. I am SO fed up with wearing the same clothes – I need to buy new ones as soon as I get to Asia!

  2. Annette | Bucket List Journey

    I love that little romper! What I dread about travel clothes is the shoes. It’s so hard for me to find cute, yet comfy and practical shoes. I typically end up buying a pair of flat boots that I can wear with skinny jeans.

  3. I usually don’t feel sexy anyway, but I agree with Lauren — was so tired of wearing the same outfits week after week! I bought a couple of dresses from a cheap, cute clothing store in Oz for nights out at nicer places, but I was pretty boring otherwise O:-)

    And I like the pink — sure you can’t take it?! πŸ˜‰

  4. love the playsuit, it rocks!

  5. Ooo love the playsuit!

    I totally agree that travel clothes aren’t particularly sexy. The thing I loved though was that after a couple of weeks I totally didn’t care! Looking back through photos I do wish I brushed my hair tho!

    Whenever I had a girly moment while I was travelling and put makeup on and did my hair and put on a dress I ended up looking worse because my hair would puff up like a poodle and my makeup would melt off!

  6. Lauren – put it this way, wearing those trousers, the animals will hear me coming a mile off! lol. I LOVED shopping for clothes in Asia but just remember…Asians are tiny so you might struggle with some things but buy heaps of dresses…if I had the money I’d fly over just for a shopping spree =D

  7. Annette – Thanks hun! Cute, comfy AND practical shoes?? Yep, you’re asking too much πŸ˜‰ Travel shoes are practical and that’s it…if you’re lucky they may have a coloured stripe in them haha

  8. Heather – I’m definitely taking the pink! I’m taking lots of colour with me…I’m determined to wear it haha Totally agree with you about the same outfits….I know we’re women and are great at layering/adding accessories etc but COME ON! haha =D

  9. Think – thanks! It was a total bargain in the sale too πŸ™‚

  10. Mon – it was Β£7 in New Look….backpacker price or what! haha. Exactly….you just stop caring after a while and become determined to have a good time. At the beginning I was wearing nice stuff but a few weeks in and I’d go out in a bikini and beer-soaked cover-up tshirt πŸ˜‰
    That’s it…the make up sweats off and the humidity kills the hair so even when you do try and look nice, it fails anyway…total bummer!

  11. Girl, I feel your pain! I don’t mind wearing shorts and a tank top or a pair of jeans with a tee but I feel so much better about myself when I’m wearing a dress.

    I agree with Annette, my biggest problem with traveling is the shoes!

  12. Elle – I knew you’d understand πŸ™‚ Sadly, most of my dresses are short or show off a little of the ladies and Africa doesn’t appreciate that too much so eeeek! This is going to get interesting haha

  13. Ed – It turned out I was ok when I got to Africa…still sexy πŸ˜‰