One more week in Thailand :(

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Click on the photo – it’s the rest of Hong Kong!
Weird – 7 weeks here has flown by. Speaking of flying. Since I’m not going to Chiang Mai or Bangkok (so my family can stop having a heart attack) I have to fly to Singapore from Phuket which is a bit of a pain in the ass. So I’m going back to Samui for four days of rest tomorrow then on to Phuket for a couple of days before flying out. All rather complicated etc but it avoids going to Bangkok.

The people in my hostel are lovely – one girl and 6 guys of different nationalities and ages. Jessica (French Swiss) and I have been hanging out since the day I arrived (Sunday) which has been really nice because as they say, a change is as good as a rest and I needed to see different people. I think that’s why I was feeling so ‘out of sorts’ in my last post because I needed to do something different and yet have time to myself. But Jessica and I went out the next night with some other people I’ve met to a gorgeous restaurant over-looking Sairee Beach where you cook your own food on a small barbeque. It was devine. We got in late this morning and then spent the day on the beach after the rain had stopped.

OMG, the rain, or should I say, thunder that day was horrific! When I was in Phuket I’d never heard thunder so loud but when I got to Samui I realised it was even louder a few days ago but Tuesday? There was a ‘clap’ so loud (the hostel is made of concrete) that I thought there had been a bomb outside and the whole building shook for 10 seconds. It scared the absolute hell out of me; well, all of us really. Especially when a child outside began screaming and crying which only added to my thought of a bomb but it wasn’t. Scary stuff though; trust me.

And through Jessica, I met a girl from Holland called Petula and she’s going to Samui as well so we’ve decided to stay together and just chill out. We both need a bit of ‘detoxing’ as we’ve drunk so much we’ve put weight back on 🙁 Will be nice to have some different company.

Last night was fun. We had a new guy come into the dorm – French called Etienne (tres cute!) so Jessica and I went out with him and we took him to the LadyBoy cabaret (Jessica wanted to go as it was her last night) and he loved it! So funny haha. We even had our photos taken with them!

One of the nights in the hostel (can’t remember which – too much drinking) I got into a really deep and meaningful conversation with someone I wasn’t expecting to have anything in common with and it was a poignant reminder that you can always find ‘common ground’. We said we would keep in touch which is nice 🙂

And when I went out on Monday night aIhad three people tell me three very different things about myself:
1. I am a lovely/nice person that ‘gets’ even the most complicated person and understands them 🙂
2. I talk slowly. Well I don’t but when I was introduced to a girl at one of the bars (she was English) I answered slowly to which she replied ‘How long have you been travelling?’ Too long apparently. I’ve adopted the slow talk so that foreigners can understand me haha.
3. Apparently my face lights up and I almost ‘glow’ whenever I talk about my liveaboard diving experience – great stuff 😀
Turns out that not everyone’s opinion of me is bad despite finding out that a couple of people I’ve met over here have then ‘bitched’ behind my back…

Dear Bitches…You are TRULY PATHETIC. You’re diving on one of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen surrounded by great people and a lovely atmosphere and yet you find the time to sit there and have nasty discussions about me? I think your priorities are extremely screwed up and I feel sorry for you if life is that mundane you can’t think of anything else better to do than be two-faced hideous people.
(I’m not signing this letter because you’re not worth it).

Dear Gecko,You scared the absolute shit out of Marie and I the other night. I have NEVER seen a ‘creepy crawlie’ 10 inches long before and how did you even get into the house? And whilst we’re talking about the house – were you high? We’re chasing (and screaming) you around the lounge with a spatula to an open window and you still won’t bloody leave! It took two French guys in their boxers at midnight armed with brooms to get you to leave and you still insisted on trying to stay. I’m glad you left but I didn’t enjoy the taunting croak of ‘gecko’ right outside the bedroom all night!
Signed…I have a spatula and I’m not afraid to use it!

Anyway, this post is ridiculously long already so I’ll sign off and speak to you in a few days!

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  1. So glad you are avoiding Bangkok and even happier to hear you’ve met so many nice people along the way.

    Too bad the guys in the photo didn’t have a hat for you too 😉

    Safe travels,