Paying to be a pin cushion…

This week marks the beginning of my travel preparation and the realisation that it’s all starting to get real.

Firstly I’ll let you in on the itinerary I have finally come up with:
Japan – 10 days
East coast China – 15 days
Thailand – 45 days
Singapore- 4 days
Bali – 16 days

What do you think?
I wanted to get some variety in culture and countries. It also only occurred to me the other day that I will actually have a birthday whilst I am away too. I’ll be in Bali to be exact. Spending my 24th birthday in Bali? I couldn’t think of anything better. I’ve been talking to P (a Chinese doctor who works in our department) about my trip today. He’s so sweet and was telling me things to do and places to go etc…his face lights up every time he gets to talk about home. Then I mentioned where I was going (Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Hong Kong) and he said that it was a ‘perfect plan’ so I feel even better about my itinerary now!

And now to tell you why I had a dead arm yesterday…Monday night was the beginning of my travel prep. I went to see the practice nurse at my doctors surgery for an initial assessment before traveling i.e. to tell her where I was going and work out the necessary vaccines I needed etc but she surprised me and jabbed me twice with two there and then; bitch lol. At least it’s two down but many more to come and thankfully I only have to pay for one (instead of 4 like I had initially thought) but it’s still £155 (approx $255!!). She also congratulated me on coming in to see her so many months in advance, she said that many people didn’t bother to turn up until a week before they went (idiots). The needles didn’t hurt, although I felt a little sick afterwards, but yesterday, jeez, I felt like I had been punched in both arms…I struggled to even do my bra up 😀

In the evening S and I went for dinner and a good catch up. I’m not sure why but whenever we meet up we always end up talking about sex which is actually pretty fun and we end up giggling like school kids. I’ve also got a hold over him since once he was so appalling drunk he decided to grab my boob in front of A which A thought was hilarious but S was very embarrassed so whenever S is bad, I remind him of that night and he recoils in horror whilst I fall about laughing.

And so to tonight, I’m off to see the comedian Michal McIntyre. You won’t have heard of him over there in the old States (especially as his humour is very much of British taste) but he had the fastest selling comedy stand-up DVD in history and his tour has sold out so to say I’m excited is an under-statement. L and I are going for dinner before as well so a couple of drinks in the bar will be had.

Oh and if all that wasn’t enough to tell you, I can finally let you in on the latest volunteer project I’m hoping to get involved in. It’s called the Safe Bus and is stationed down at our harbour (where all the bars/pubs/nightclubs cumulate) on Friday and Saturday nights to help people where drink has affected them. Technically it’s a minor injuries unit to help stop people unnecessarily going to the ER but it’s also there if people are upset and just need someone to talk to or they need to get a taxi home. In it’s first year alone (over a 4 month period) they stopped 114 people going to ER saving a whopping £22,500! I’ve got an interview with the manager of it next Monday so I’m really excited at the prospect of joining the team…fingers crossed!

Anyway, apologies for the monologue I appear to have written but hopefully the pictures were enough to keep you interested until the end – I know we’re adults but everyone knows you need a picture or two or keep your focus :-p


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  1. Safe bus is a great idea!! Folks need somewhere to go for help. Wonderful that you are trying to get involved.

  2. Jan

    Are you taking this trip alone?

  3. Toni

    Eilenn – glad you like the idea of the Safe Bus – it seems to be gaining popularity and strength each year!

    Joanna – put a spider in front of me and then see how ‘brave’ I still am lol. Glad you like the schedule 🙂

    Jan – yep. Just me, myself and more me lol. I never even contemplated the idea of inviting someone else along…I can’t wait!

  4. What an amazing trip! I am so jealous. Are you going to blog while you’re on it? I hope so.

  5. Can I PLEASE tag along on your trip? Sounds amazing! Well, the shots part doesn’t, but I guess to go visit all those awesome places it’s a necessary evil. 🙂 Like the Captain asked – will you be blogging while you’re on your trip? I sure hope so!! Then I can enjoy your trip vicariously through your posts! 🙂

  6. Toni

    Captain/Stacy – of course you can tag along; I will be blogging all the way! That was the entire reason I started this blog so my friends and family could follow me (and it also helps to reassure my mum I’m safe). There’ll be photos, blogging and maybe even a random RTT here and there!

  7. Hi, Toni. I have an award for you at my place … the Honest Scrap Award, for those bloggers who write from their heart. Come on over and get it!

  8. Jen

    I am so jealous! That sounds like an amazing travel opportunity. I’m glad to hear that you will be blogging your journey. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the countries you visit.