Read ’em and weep boys and girls

Freedom Beach

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I have finally uploaded all my photos from Thailand starting with my day trip to Phi Phi, my whole week on the dive boat and ending with Koh Tao (though there’s more to come). I’ll warn you now that you may have to avert your eyes every few seconds because of jealousy!

I’m staying here on Ko Tao for another week as it’s just too beautiful to leave; not to mention cheap. In Phuket, I was lucky if 20pound lasted me two/three days…here it lasts me about 6 days! Though I’ll move out of my friend’s and stay in a hostel for the last week as I’m sure she’s itching to have her bed back to herself!

I can’t even remember what I’ve done over the last week as it’s all rolled into one lol. Marie and I went exploring for a day and climbed over rocks and waded through water to get to a beach we wanted. I’ve seen fire shows, drank buckets of alcohol, tasted food so unbelievably good and watched LadyBoy cabaret (don’t ask). I’ve made some good friends and on Monday spent the whole night with two guys partying and flirting with each other…it’s so good for the ego to have two guys after you! lol. And no, neither of them got a private party but it was good to know they both wanted one 😀

Two of my photos have also made it on to the front page of the STA Travel Website I belong to which I’m really pleased about considering the effort it’s taken me to get the damn photos online in the first place (an hour a day in the Net cafe!) haha.

I wasn’t planning on going diving here as everyone said that it would be a let down after everything that I saw on the dive boat but since there are a couple of Whale Sharks currently swimming around the island, I think I’ll ‘dip my toe in’ maybe tomorrow with Jack (friend of Marie’s I got talking to).

This post is a little ‘all over the place’ isn’t it?! Not sure why – just don’t really feel like myself at the moment. Maybe it’s the thought of going back. Seems like only yesterday I was saying that I’d just hit the halfway mark and now I’ve only got a month left…scary thought. Yeah, so today’s post is awful and I’d even go as far to say that I’m embarrassed by the lack of flow and purpose to it but as I said, I just don’t feel right. Maybe it’s lack of sleep…not for going out but things on my mind. I don’t know. Hopefully the island will help. It’s got a really ‘hippy’ feel to it…no one wears shoes (or if you do, you take them off before going into shops and restaurants), we wear next to nothing clothes-wise because it’s so effing hot, we all have ‘slouch bags’, cool sunglasses and watch sunsets on the beach before drinking the night away at beach bars staring at the star-filled night.

Pure. Heaven.


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  1. I just took a nice, long, look at your gorgeous photos. I am officially JEALOUS! What glorious waters, sunsets and fire twirlers! And you look so happy!!! Enjoy every minute!
    xo jj

  2. JJ – glad you liked the photos – they really are stuning aren’t they? Good times 🙂

  3. Toni, it definitely sounds like a place to stay, if one only could. Sorry I’ve not been ’round lately, life’s been too crazy.

    I’m going to keep on reading for a bit, but it sounds like you’re having a divine time, and I can seriously understand why you might not want to come back!!!!

  4. Toni, I just checked out some of your photos on Flickr… WOW girl. You’ve got some unbelievable sunset photos there, absolutely stunning. Are you sure you’re going to be able to drag yourself away to go home??!!!!

  5. Hi Suz!! So lovely to hear from you…I was just thinking today about stopping by your place as it’s been a while 🙂
    I’ve been so lucky with the photos I’ve taken and the things I’ve seen and no, I’m not sure I can or want to drag myself back to England after this hehe. But the show must go on and I still have Singapore and Bali to amaze me yet 😀 xx

  6. Ah Bali!!! I would so love to go there… reminds me of one of my all-time fav books by Rita Golden Gelman, Tales of a Female Nomad. The book’s title says it all, she is one amazing, adventurous woman. When you get back to England, try to find the book and read it, you will love it!

  7. Suz – I’ll make sure I take lots of photos for you so you can really imagine that you’re there with me in Bali 😀 I’ll have a look for the book whilst I’m travelling – you never know what’s stuck in the back of a book store over here!

  8. Alison

    Hi Toni,

    I just looked at your photos. All that sun, sand, deep blue sea and glorious blue sky, fabulous scenery. How awful for you. So sorry for you having to put up with all that. I’d be willing to swap with you if you felt that you could no longer bear it. Just let me know.;-)

    Alison xx

  9. I’m with Alison, Toni…. I mean, as your readers, it’s the least we could do. So you just say the word, and we’ll be very happy to help out. 🙂