RIP Flippy – I wore you so well

Yes, after two years stuck to my feet including being battered, soaked and covered in dust through 3 months backpacking around Asia, I finally had to lay my leather flipflops to rest. Truthfully, I shouldn’t have even brought them home but, even though I knew they were falling apart (the toe post is detaching from the sole lol) and I haven’t worn them since I came back, I couldn’t bring myself to bin them…

…until now…

The store finally, after 2 whole years of enjoying loveliness and comfort, re-stocked them so of course, I just HAD to get them; there was no way I could ignore their call! And considering they were only £12 for real leather, I think they’re a little bargain (but my bank account might disagree slightly with that remark). Though, obviously, the lesson would be that I probably shouldn’t take them to Africa if I want them to last =)

Welcome to the world Floppy – long may you enjoy the places we may travel (that aren’t covered in dust, are likely to drown you or beat you up).


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  1. I can totally relate! There is something about dumping a well-loved pair of flip-flops that have seen the world and your ups and downs with you until you find the perfect replacement pair. Glad you found them.
    Cheers, jj