Road romance or one night stand?

Inspired by this week’s #TTOT (travel talk on Twitter) which I proudly participated in, the theme this week was ‘romance’.  Buuut, like a group of horny, giggling teenagers, the chat quickly descended into porn-rated anarchy (hooray!!) with everyone talking about whose countrymen and women served their partners the best and where the most romantic place/country was which, of course, turned into the best place you’d ‘done it’. See…no alcohol needed!

Afterwards it got me thinking about my experiences on the road.  I’m not a one-night-stand kinda gal.  Never have been, never thought I would be but when you’re on the road, things (and men) can change your mind.  And in a way, for me, they didn’t feel like one night stands but rather, ‘connections’.  I’m not doing some ‘psychobabble’ to try and justify the one night stands I had (4 in 3 months before you ask so none of this ‘sleeping around’ judgement crap thank you haha) but for me I really connected with the guys and it enhanced my journey.

Ok, so the first example I was going to use doesn’t really help my cause because I only met him 6 hours before though I will say I got a lovely breakfast in the morning and there was no ‘sneaking out’ but if you want to hear about Scotty the Hotty, then read the goss here.

And then we have Alex.  Ahhh Alex.  Being German, and as I’m a Brit, I should have (automatically) hated him but his accent was cute, he looked smoking hot without a shirt on and he was my dive guide.  Trust me when I say that the pros outweighed the cons!  I met him on board a live aboard dive boat for a week around the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea, Thailand.  We flirted all week but thought it was just him being friendly to the paying customer but it turns out that my body looks so good in a bikini I don’t need make-up to pull 😉  Good job we were in a good mood otherwise the captain catching us at 3am butt naked heading in the shower would have been pretty damn awkward.  Needless to say we squeezed in a few private parties before the boat docked.  It wasn’t just about the sex though.  For me, the week on that boat represented the happiest I had ever felt and the fact that I got to share my happiness with someone for those 7 days made it even more special.

After that we have the Dutchmen – Chris.  He was in my dorm on Koh Tao.  I knew him for a couple of days and lent him some money when he was robbed.  He was a really sweet guy and we got on well, bumping into each other on night’s out with different groups of people.  It was my last night and inadvertently, everyone in my dorm ended up at the same bar so we hung out.  We notched up the flirting and he walked me ‘home’ but it took a couple of hours because we made a stop on the trapeze net beside the hostel haha.  We had a kiss goodnight and he waved me off in the morning. Quite romantic when you think about it no?

Finally, there was Brendon.  A Yank through and through.  No flirting and we barely spoke until my final night there when I turned into Florence Nightingale and patched him up after he got hit by a van knocking him off his scooter.  The hostel had a first aid kit but no staff to use it and everyone else become squeamish seeing his blood so I stepped in, patched him up and held him up when he was too weak to stand.  He was very sweet, kind and thoughtful, constantly spewing out thanks to me for looking after him.  We went out for dinner with the rest of the gang for my final night where I began to get to know him more but my grand prize?  Some squeaky hostel bed action and a big hug/breakfast the next day to wave me off =)

All in all I had some pretty great experiences.  Yeah you will probably call them one night stands but for me, I definitely connected with them.  We were all sober when we met each other and talked before the deed so it never felt seedy.  Life on the road is different and so are people’s attitudes.  Sure, you’re gonna get the guys and gals determined to get hammered and sleep with whoever but the people I met wanted to talk.  You could drink at a bar all night in your swimwear and all the other person was interested in was who you were.  Where had you come from?  Where are you going to?  What made you travel?  Call it naivety but that was just my experience.

Whether you call them road romances (depending on your definition of romance) or one night stands, I didn’t go looking for them but they certainly enhanced my adventure and they always put a smile on my face when I think about them.

How about you – Road romance?  One night stand?  Or have you found true love on the road?

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  1. Tom

    Hey I love how open & honest you are in this post! I pretty much agree with your thoughts too! Live on the road is completely different 😀

  2. Ben

    I prefer neither to be honest, and i have been in a bunk a few times when a person on the other bed either below or above me has bought someone back, and i can say quite truthfully that it is the most out of order thing someone can do, ive had it a few times when ive had to be awake the next morning very early and then to be woken up by 2 mins of bed shaking is not pleasant.

  3. Tom – Glad you appreciate the honesty Tom. No point hiding it…like to speak the truth as much as I can on here =) Adds to the fun hehe.

  4. Ben – you’ll be pleased to know that no one was in the dorm when the action happened. I agree, it’s not respectful etc because you don’t know what time other people have to wake up in the morning. Besides, there are plenty of other places if people are in the dorm etc…get imaginative, that’s what I say haha

  5. Work it girl! I’m loving the honesty, and all of guys are SUPER hot! bowchicawowow!

  6. Sheryll – Bowchicawowow!! haha you’ve just transported me back to the 90s! Thanks chick =) And yeah, they’re not bad looking are they? lol

  7. I love your honesty 😀 I don’t think I could have posted something like that.. haha. Loooved this post 😀

  8. Runaway Brit

    An honest post, I enjoyed reading about your exploits! Friendships are formed much faster and more intensely on the road for sure. I’ve had a few romances and then found love while travelling 🙂

  9. Seattle – Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for stopping by! Seems my honesty is something a lot of people are appreciating haha

  10. Runaway – You’re right, connections are more intensive and form faster on the road and I think people that haven’t travelled can’t understand it; it’s not something easy to explain either haha.

  11. Scott – thanks for stopping by! I look forward to hearing all the dirty details =D

  12. Great post! I’ve only had one travelling stint and there were no road romances 🙁 Maybe one day eh? Need to find myself an Italian stallion! 😉

  13. Sophie – glad you enjoyed the post =) You’ll have one one day but FYI, Italian’s aren’t the best 😉 haha

  14. Nice post! It’s good to read a post that is so honest. I’ve had a couple of short road romances and they do don’t feel like a one night stand because you’ve actually connected with the person, even if it’s only for a day or two. I wish I could find a longer romance on the road though! 😉

  15. In-ya-face honest bloggers are my favourite!!! I love it!!!

  16. @Anthony – =) Glad you approve!

  17. Adventurous Kate

    Like the others, I just LOVE your honesty! Handsome men, too!! You really captured the on-the-road romance!

  18. Jen

    Love it! You have tempted me to up my honesty a notch in my blog … I ‘almost’ had a couple of Dutchmen too … they get around the world for sure 😉 enjoy your next pull!

  19. @Kate – thanks girl; glad you like it….and approve of the men 😉 No point shying away and not talking about the really fun side of travelling is there?! =)

  20. @Jen – I met a lot of Dutchmen on my travels…and hell yeah you should up your honesty. As long as you feel comfortable writing about it etc you should go for it girl!

  21. @Jen – I met a lot of Dutchmen on my travels;weird …and hell yeah you should up your honesty. As long as you feel comfortable writing about it etc you should go for it girl!

  22. Betina

    I was just reading this and what can I say, I only got to hook up with one traveler and that incident changed my life. I think it changed both of ours — in a very good unexpected way. It was rollercoaster ride at first, these road encounters seem like fairytales in the beginning — but with my experience, the real journey happens when you get to know the person.

    I love your honesty. I have a few questions but I guess they are better off asked through private message 🙂

    Best of luck to you!

  23. Betina – It doesn’t matter how many you hook up with, it’s how they change you as a person that counts and it definitely sounds like your encounter made a huge impact on your life. You are more than welcome to e-mail me with any questions you have; I’d love to hear from you 🙂

  24. I’m pretty sure I’d be lynched as a terrible person – probably by the girls in question – if I did a post detailing my road connections :-/

    Ah, but to someday make the above illustrious list 😉

  25. Here, here. I’m going to back up my Aussie brother, from another mother here, and highlight the double standards in the travel blog world with this.

    If us blokes wrote about our conquests, or even romance on the road – we’d be chastised and seen as complete creepy leches! Let me also highlight that I’m not having a go at you, though.

    I love this post, just getting some truth out there 🙂

  26. Aussie – I’m sure it’s a long list 😉 I think the only reason I haven’t been lynched is because they have no idea I run a website – mwahahaha

  27. Anthony – Very good point dear sir! HOWEVER…we (being the oppressed half of the species lol) have to deal with this all the time in the REAL world i.e. it’s ok for men to sleep around but if a girl sleeps with more than a couple we’re suddenly deemed ‘easy’ but you’re celebrated for your bravado! haha
    That being said, I named and shamed my guys because they’re not in the travel community and they don’t know I have a website so ignorance is bliss for them. If I sleeping with someone in the travel blog world, that would be a different story because that may cause embarrassment and that’s just nasty. There are pros and cons to both sides of the argument and neither side will ever be completely happy :s

  28. In her defense Anthony, she hasn’t told anybody about all of the wanton sex we’ve been having of late.

  29. Her and I. Not you and I. >_>

  30. Hey Toni,

    Haha yep, I would totally hate to be a woman. I personally don’t judge women who put out a bit of horizontal jogging on the first night, but yeah – most of society does. That I can’t deny.

    I wasn’t arguing, dearest, just pointing out a double standard in the blogging community. If the lads on here knew about this, they’d probably be high fiving their mates 😛

    Chris, that’s the next post mate!

  31. Chris – well I can keep some things a secret lol

  32. Anthony – ‘horizontal jogging’; best line ever lol. I definitely agree there is a double standard in the blogging community but between you and me I’m hearing about a lot of guys who are total players; they just don’t brag about it but they’re still getting a reputation 😉
    And of course the men would totally high five their mates; I’m gorgeous =D hahahahaha

  33. Hehe and so humble with it 😛

    Chris is a proper player. Man, woman or beast is just not safe from that Aussie charm!

  34. I would like to put on record that no beast has had the Aussie charm turned on it. Times aren’t quite that lean yet >_>

  35. Anthony – humble schmumble lol Chris certainly has charm – you can’t fault him on that 🙂

  36. Chris – I’m worried that you finished your comment with ‘yet’ haha

  37. I’ve had both a few road romances and a handful of one-night stands…

    It really does make your travels more interesting 😉

  38. Mel – it definitely adds for some interesting reading in the ol’ journal that’s for sure 😉

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