Sat in a pub drinking and blogging – bliss!

I’m currently writing this sat in a nice warm, English pub with a drink in one hand and lunch in the other. I thought I’d need a rest after forcing my way through the last minute Christmas crowds and I was right. I’ve only just spent money on myself which I wasn’t that happy about but I needed an outfit for when the boss and I go out for dinner tomorrow night…I wouldn’t want to show myself up right?! Exactly. Thank you for agreeing with me ladies, I feel much better.

I got my credit card statement through yesterday and I laughed out loud when I read it; not because of how much I’ve spent but how the statement reads. In consecutive order, my payments read eLinens (duvet set), Ann Summers (underwear/sexy toy shop) and La Senza (underwear store)…I wonder if my statement gave a guy in the bank a chuckle lol.

I don’t think Mr Officer and I will be seeing each other tonight either. He text me yesterday to say that his daughter isn’t well again but said although he didn’t know if tonight was still on, he thought he should at least let me know what was going on. So he’s learning to keep me in the loop and not just ignore me which is definitely a good thing. I know, I know, how can we really be in a relationship if I only see him once a week but let’s face it, if nothing else, he’ll fill a gap until I go away lol. Seriously though, he knows I’m not putting my life on hold for him so I think we’ve reached a level of mutual respect and trust. It feels so good!

However, I am so tired today that I can barely function. I was working on the Safe Bus last night until 3 this morning and with temperatures hitting almost zero on the bus by the time I got home it took me an hour to fall asleep because I had to warn myself up first. You know when your skin is so cold that when it touches something warm it stings? Imagine me like that but all over 🙁 It was an eventful night to say the least but I’m glad that I haven’t got anymore volunteering to do for the rest of the year.

What are you all up to in the run up to Christmas? Aside from running around like headless chickens that is?!


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  1. Well, I went out this morning and spent sixty-odd quid on food, which is pretty much a record for me… that was the excitement in my day! And now I plan to not leave the house until Christmas, except for fun trips out. Yay for holidays! 😀

  2. Toni, you need to change your color scheme. I cannot read hardly anything but the post itself.

    You should never get that cold. That is not safe.

    I hope that you have a Merry Christmas

  3. Hubby and I ran a bunch of errands yesterday and had lunch while we were out… it was an all day event, so by the time we got home, we were both tired and didn’t accomplish much at home. Today is another story! I have made the last batch of dog treats to fulfill an order, he is working on the kitchen cabinets (new hinges and hardware) and I am now drinking a lovely drinkie while I visit my friend’s blogs! 🙂 The perfect Sunday.

    FYI, I could not find the comment button, it was hidden for some reason, so I just kept mousing until it seemed to find “something” and lo and behold, I entered the comment box. Just wanted you to know, in case others are having any difficulties.

    Have a warm and happy Holiday season, Toni! 🙂

  4. yikes! that is scary cold.

    lol on the credit card bill…

    stuck in the house after the storm, needing a few last minute things for christmas!

  5. Toni

    Rachel – You spent £60 on something productive – I spent £50 on myself lol. I think you win that round 🙂

    OTIN – Any ideas how I change my colour scheme? I’ve got no idea!! And it was unsafe to get that cold…I was so cold in bed with 3 layers on I couldn’t sleep for an hour until I’d warmed up 🙁

    Oz Girl – you have been a busy lady haven’t you?! But Sunday does sound like a perfect day for you 🙂

    Brian – There’s always some ‘last minute things’ for Christmas isn’t there despite all the planning?! lol