Say hello; wave goodbye

Very quick post today as, in a couple of hours, I go aboard the diving boat for a week. So I simply ‘dropped by’ to say that I’m going to be out of contact until about next Wednesday or so…try not to have a heart attack in the meantime (mum especially) haha.

I’m not sure where I’m going after the boat…I may head straight to Koh Phangan as the Full Moon Party is a day and a bit after I return and I want to go just to say that I’ve been but if I miss it it’s no big deal. Depending on where the boat drops us off (either directly at Khao Lak or here in Phuket) I may come back to Patong Beach (jeez, what a thought) just so I can plan my next move but as I said, I haven’t decided yet.

In the meantime, here’s a couple more Dear Mr letters since the hotel pool has given me two days of entertainment:

Dear Hotel,
Is it Thai Girl Tuesday or buy one get one free? There were only a handful of us by the pool today after the 2 hour monsoon this morning and two ‘couples’ were 40 year old beer-bellied Britons with Thai girls that looked about 17. I don’t know how you can stand to watch it day in day out.
Yours truly,
If I pay for a ‘quality hotel’ I don’t want to see it.

Dear Britons,
You do realise that you do nothing but promote the stereotype that all male Britons just want a ‘massage’ and drink beer all day? I hope you catch something and that your beer-bellies make you sink in the pool.
Signed, Disgusted.

Dear Thailand,
I love that you have no ‘fun police’. Our hotel seems to be next to a small scrap metal yard and you have 8 children running around all over the place and then running butt-naked into the muddy sea – love it!
Always, Ms S.Miling

Dear CouchSurfing.Com,
I like that when you log in, the computer works out where you are and you can search nearby travellers to possibly hang out with BUT the location ‘compass’ is a little off right now because it says I’m in Bangkok. And because of that I have had 7 messages from guys asking if we can talk or meet up and they’ll show me around. Um, how to put this politely….piss off you freaks! Sorry, some of you may be genuine but gut instinct says stay away and gut wins every time 🙂
Love forever; Creeped Out

Catch up in a week or so,

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  1. Jamie T

    Think the CS location thing works on your IP address, so depends on which internet pipes you’re connected through. Even at home mine is normally a little off!

    Have fun on the boat!

  2. go to the full moon party after the boat thingy. hehe… it’s completely insane… be careful though, a lot of stealing stuff happens on the island… 🙂

    take care toni


  3. On the dive boat for a whole week! Wow, that should be awesome. Have a blast.

  4. Eternally Distracted

    As a Brit I hang my head in shame :0(

    Hope you are having a fab time :0)