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This cute little thing to your right is my best friend and very special someone…(when travelling anyway); Sheepy.

She has been to Paris twice (lucky bitch or should that be lucky ‘ewe’ for a sheep?!), London and the Dominican Republic. I only found and fell in love with her two years ago so she hasn’t done too badly with her jetsetting lifestyle!

The reason she’s so important? I’m not sure why. She wasn’t a gift or bought for a reason; I just saw her, fell in love and had to have her. I guess you could say she is my security blanket because when I feel like things are getting on top of me I feel much better after a ‘hug’ with her. (I know I’m 23 but I’m a girl going through a lot of shit right now, give me a break)

She has started more conversations on holiday (between me and other people you idiots, she can’t talk she’s a stuffed animal!) than I could ever hope for and I think she will start many more on my 3 month journey.

So there she is ladies and gents; my very special someone, my Sheepy!

And now to a little bit about London – wow!
Not sure why it was so great this time but it truly was. The hotel we stayed out turned out to be not near but on the Chelsea Football Club complex (think LA Lakers fame) AND Marco Pierre White (famed chef with a serious ‘tude and funny hair) had a restaurant in our hotel and I actually saw him the day we arrived. I met a friend for dinner and movie who I hadn’t seen in 18 months which was great, I did the famous Camden Market (and fell in love with it all over again), watched the Gay Pride Parade through Trafalgar Square, saw my all time favourite show Stomp (so fricking happy about that), went on the London Eye and a river cruise which I hadn’t done before (I loved doing the touristy things) and ended the trip at Buckingham Palace before seeing a couple more famous people back at our hotel.

All in all, despite the ridiculous humidity, my legs rubbing together and my feet singing louder than a gospel choir I had a brilliant time and it was all the better for sharing it with Sheepy!


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  1. I’m 32 and still sleep with a teddy bear. He used to travel with me until I had kids but now he stays home or else the kids might try to steal him. Not happening.

  2. Sheepy is adorable! She reminds me of the, uh, thing that traveled around in “Amelie” – Geez did I even spell that right? Hopefully you get the idea.

  3. Toni

    Casey – I almost lost her once. We befriended a family on holiday in the Dominican and needless to say, Sheepy was almost snatched by a 3 year old – I’ll fight to the death for her!

    Joanna – she is cute isn’t she?! Think that’s why she’s such a talking point when I travel.

    Pop and Ice – speaking of Amelie – we actually ate a creme brulee in her restaurant in Paris a couple of weeks ago! I thought I could start a ‘where in the world is Sheepy page’ lol