Sick bag not included in this jealousy-inducing post about my adventure…

Sooooooo I thought I would be really cruel and tell you all about my upcoming trip to Africa and if you didn’t know I was going to Africa then where the hell have you been?  Have you only just found me due to my stupid answers on Twitter for #TTOT yesterday?  If so, catch up!  Anyway…off we go…

On August 31 (yes, I have 153 days to go) I will travel through 7 countries in just 42 days – how crazy is that?? It’s through a company called Acacia Africa and I’ll be overlanding it. For the Africa virgins that means I’ll be on a truck with 15-24 people I’ve never met before eating, sleeping, cooking, cleaning, camping (for the first time EVER) and pooping together (ok so the last one isn’t true but if there are a pack of hyenas around I’ll be pooping myself never mind within ear shot of others).



(apologies for the map quality but it doesn’t zoom very well and Google won’t let me ‘copy and paste’ the snapshot that Acacia gave me – you hear that Google?  You’ve done something that isn’t user friendly!)

The adventure starts in South Africa. I go out a couple of days before the tour starts and in that time hope to go up Table Mountain for the views as well as do some…..cage diving! F*** yeah! I used to be so afraid of sharks I wouldn’t even swim to the deep end of a swimming pool (though I didn’t watch Jaws until I was in my teens so have no idea where this came from) but at the same time I am fascinated by them. I’m hoping he’ll say ‘cheese’ just as I take my photo showing off his rows of gnashers…that would be an appropriate time to poop myself.
After that we drive up the Skeleton Coast into Namibia (highest sand dunes in the world and the place where my calves will turn to jelly and die) then through to Botswana and the Okavango Delta which is essentially a ginormous flood plain full of bushmen (which we will get to meet) and hippos. Then it’s off to Zambia and Victoria Falls – uh-mazing! There are a couple of options for the thrill-seeker in me here. The first being a 15 minute microlite flight over the falls which looks incredible or (but I’m hoping I can do both) a trip to the Devil’s Pool which is this…

A place at the very top of Victoria Falls, right on the drop, where you can sit and peek over the falls. It looks absolutely incredible and although it will be yet another occasion I will want to poop myself (I’m starting to see a pattern emerge here) it is something that just has to be done. I mean, having a photo of myself taken with half my body leaning over a 360ft drop? Once in a lifetime! (and it might very well be just that if fate takes me all the way over the edge!)
After recomposing myself (unless I fell off Vic Falls) we then travel to Malawi (no, I won’t be doing a Madonna) where we get to see Lake Malawi – the deepest lake in the entire world (no, I had no idea either). Then it’s a hop, stick and a jump over to Tanzania and more importantly, Zanzibar. Turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and more spice that your nose can handle! I’m hoping to do some diving there or at least snorkelling but I might have to actually look at my bank account first.
Our final destination is Kenya where we get to go to the Serengeti (where I hope to see the migration) as well as meet some of the Masai warriors – how ridiculously cool is that? My journey is so adventure and once-in-a-lifetime-experience packed that I may hyperventilate several times!
Are you feeling sick with jealousy yet? Yes? Well please pick up your own bin to do it in – thanking you =)


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  1. You betcha! I’m officially jealous. It sounds like an amazing trip!
    Cheers, jj

  2. totally jealous – and the cage diving is a must =)

  3. im officially dying of envy here… i love seeing animals in the wild and a trip to africa is simply one of the best ways to do it… 🙂 take a lot of pictures 🙂

  4. Yeah, I’m totally jealous! But Africa is in my plans… just further down the line 😉

  5. C

    Your trip sounds amazing! I’m doing a very similar trip in a few weeks and I can’t wait!! I don’t mean to disappoint you, but Lake Malawi is the 6th deepest lake in the world. Lake Baikal in Siberia is over twice as deep – it also has cool freshwater seals, a good demonstration of divergent evolution, but that’s a whole other story! Lake Malawi is full of interesting Cichlids though, so you’d better get your snorkel ready!

  6. C – Ooops…maybe I read that it was ONE of the deepest in the world and I got a bit too excited?! haha thanks for letting me know =) Can’t wait to get my snorkel on =D