Songs that took me around the World

Music is a powerful thing. It can make you cry, make you smile or bring back a memory you had completely forgotten.

Everyone has one. The song that reminds them of the party to end all parties with new found friends on the road or chilling out on the beach to watch the sunset.

Below are a sprinkle of the tunes that, just a few notes in, make me smile ear to ear…

Dominican Republic –  Chris Brown and Forever.
Sat on the bus back to the hotel after doing my first ever white water rafting and loved it!  The sun had been shining, our guide Wilson was gorgeous (which certainly made listening to his instructions a lot easier!) and the adrenaline junkie within had just been awoken!

Japan – Usher and O.M.G
Spending the late nights in my private room as I wrote blog updates, I chilled out to BBC radio not quite ready to leave the comforts of home behind me so soon. Every time I hear it I think of Tokyo in all its glory.

Thailand (on a boat in the middle of the ocean) – Bob Marley; I Shot the Sheriff
I hear Mr Bob and I instantly feel euphorically happy (not with illegal drugs may I add) but pure unadulterated happiness. I remember the feelings of diving into the abyss and discovering the underwater world for the first time, partying with everyone on board and making a special connection with my dive guide. Pure heaven.

Koh Tao – Silence and Sarah McLaughlin
Sat on the beach in dim fire light, I felt at complete peace as I switched between watching the star-lit night sky and the fire dancers. The music played, you got a complete feeling of island life and I was mesmerised.

Bali – Chris Brown and Deuces

I spent my first couple of days in Bali chilling after a truly hectic weekend in Singapore.  It reminds me of the beach, knowing that I had just two weeks before I went home and meeting Jess and Laura who I ended up travelling around the island with and making friends for life – good time!

iPods aren’t the devil when you travel; they can be your memories

What songs are YOUR memories?

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  1. Love the idea behind this post. Every time I hear “Underneath Your Clothes” by Shakira I think about my time in London. I ran into a group of guys doing a pub crawl on the Circle Line on St. Patty’s day and we randomly started singing this song together.

    There are plenty of others but that’s one of my favorites.

  2. @Elle – thanks hun, glad you liked it =) That’s the thing about music – it doesn’t have to be your favourite song in the world; it could be one that you hate but it’s the memory it triggers that counts and your memory from Shakira’s song definitely sounds like a total blast =D

  3. Totally agree.. iPod’s are a god send when travelling. They can help you to sleep on long journeys, wake you up as you arrive into a new city/country and.. Just as u say.. Remind you of the good times! 😀
    I loved my music off my iPod.. It came in very handy in tge campervan and all those lengthy trips in oz… Unfortunately, despite the fact I had it for 11solid months, it disappeared the day I left Byron to do the last leg of my trip up to Cairns. Gutted 🙁 !! I found all the music again eventually! Great post 😀 xx

  4. hi, good stuff, well you wanted to know what my number one travel song is !
    i can go one better than that. here is my top ten and a spotify link so you can listen to em too.



  5. @Kerri – Nooooo!! I can’t believe you lost it! lol. Music has a huge part to play when you’re on the road, whether it’s for contemplation, hurrying that bus journey along and help you relax…I’m definitely going to have to camp when I get to OZ and blast the ipod tunes =D

  6. @Tristan – Nice mix of songs on that list! I would definitely bop my head to a couple of those =) And you’re right, the avatar does look just like you haha

  7. I have written about this myself actually, and you are so right … music and travel go together so well. I mean, half of the reason I hang on to cheesy pop songs from my past is simply because they remind me of places/times/people. As far as my recent travels: “Low (boots with the fur) was my boys and I’s theme of our New Orleans trip in 2009, “Hotel Room Service” by Pitbull (which we renamed Hostel Room Service) was the theme of my trip to Europe in 2010.

  8. @Scott – you’re so right about song choices…I wouldn’t keep a lot of them because they’re just so awful but the memories they bring back are always so worth it! =) Ha ha GREAT song choices for, what I imagine to be, some of the best party nights ever =D

  9. Ipods are a life saver. Without movies for insanely long journies I would implode. Mine also stores photos so when on the sodding underground I can look at pretty travel photos. Ah escapism.

    Song wise, Mr Brightside will forever remind me of South Africa and Sydney. LOVE that song!

  10. Neil – Amen to that…I’d have a nervous breakdown if I didn’t have my ipod with me lol. Ooh I love Mr Brightside – good choice 🙂