Soul searching in Zambia

I’ve had the most amazing two days and I’m not sure I can find the right words to describe it but I’ll give it a go…

Yesterday morning I did the Devil’s Pool…remember, it’s the natural infinity pool at the very top of Victoria Falls. I went with Laura and it was her birthday so an extra special day. It starts from the Royal Livingstone Hotel and a small boat takes you to Livingstone Island but then it gets fun. You have to SWIM over parts of the Falls and follow your guide directly otherwise the current will get you. Turns out the current will get you if you do breast stroke too so I quickly changed to front crawl and powered on through.

Before we knew it we were at Devil’s Pool. Just 5m wide and 4m deep, it’s tiny in comparison to the Falls themselves. You can either slide into the pool or jump in and I was a total chicken thinking I would slide but then I jumped! I, me, Toni, JUMPED into the Devil’s Pool on the very edge of Victoria Falls – it’s an adrenaline rush I can’t describe! The guide took some great photos of me and Laura. What I didn’t appreciate was the current removing my bikini top and me not realising that the ladies were on show for about 10 seconds – fail lol. I’d like to say I was embarrassed but truthfully I didn’t care. Laura and I both got two jumps each and when it was over we were so happy we burst into tears hugging and crying with each other. In words it may sound stupid but when you’re there and you’ve achieved it despite being scared itself it makes you truly happy. We had a gorgeous breakfast of eggs benedict prepared for us and at the end the waiters brought out a cake and started singing Happy Birthday to Laura – she started crying again which, of course, set me off again.

I can’t recommend the Devil’s Pool enough. I wasn’t even scared, just incredibly excited to be there and experiencing something so unique. It truly was a morning that I will NEVER be able to forget.

This morning was just as heart-warming…I took a microlight flight over the Falls and even went into the Zimbabwe side so despitge not having a passport stampe, I can at least say that I went there lol. I got strapped into the microlight and had my mic/headphones and helmet placed on me before we hit the runway and we took off. My pilot was called Heiko and had the most stunning blue eyes I’ve ever seen – such a gentle personality too. From the moment we took off I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was flying! We saw herds of elephants in the trees and before I knew it we were over the Falls. I was flying over the Falls! The water looked amazing but the Falls themselves? A beauty I can’t describe; just absolutely stunning. All that mattered in that moment was me, the Falls and the absolutely peace I felt. The Falls was so impressive and I saw so much more than I had on ground level – it was worth every penny. Heiko told me that when David Livingstone first saw the Falls he said it was like looking at angels and that he had found ‘heaven on Earth’ – so appropriate. We also had a rainbow follolw us and Heiko told me that there is a saying – when a rainbow follows you over the Falls it will follow you for life…a beautiful sentiment.

When we were directly over the Falls I started crying (again, yeah I know). I couldn’t believe that I was flyhing over one of the seven natural wonders of the world – something so few people ever get to experience.

It got me thinking whilst I was up in the air too. Despite everything I have been through over the years, I’m not sure I would change it. If I hadn’t have been through the things I have, maybe I wouldn’t be able to appreciate these kinds of things so much. Instead of crying tears of happiness, maybe I would just say ‘that’s nice’ but if you can’t feel it in your heart, it’s not right. I truly feel complete after the last two days and I will never be able to forget them. The best bit of the flight? It had a camera attached to one of the wings so I have photos but you’ll have to wait until I get home for them as they’re on DVD.

I can’t believe the things that I have achieved so far on the trip and how good (and low) I have felt. Africa truly does heel you.

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  1. Awesome! So glad you are sharing these things. Love the pictures on FB too.

  2. Jill

    as Erik says – AWESOME!!!!

  3. Awwww, reading this made me want to cry!! So so happy for you, and kinda wishing I was there with you! 😀

  4. Blimey! Swimming to follow the guide before the current gets you. Well aren’t you an extreme monkey!

  5. Ed – Extreme monkey?! Love it! haha