Stand uuuuup if you hate the French, Stand uuuuup if you hate the French…

I don’t hate the French but when you have an entire rugby stand full of thousands of people you tend to join in and love it!

Let’s back track a little to what my weekend has been all about…
Saturday James and I decided to go for brunch and walked around the Hong Kong Art Gallery for a bit as we were both feeling a little tender after the night before. We popped over to Hong Kong Island for a bit more of a walk before heading back over to look around Canton Road which is the ‘Rodeo Drive’ of Hong Kong…wow, the money that must be spent there each day is not even worth thinking about!
Then it was a hop, skip and jump back to our hostels before meeting up again and going out for dinner where we found another amazing restaurant jam-packed full of locals with more fantastic food before hitting up Temple Street Market which was crazy but I got a bargain or two so well worth the trip. James was still hungry so we stopped for some more food and people watching before heading back over to Wan Chai but we headed home pretty early as we were shattered and it just wasn’t a very good atmosphere there that night.

And then there was yesterday. Ah yesterday, the culmination in one of the best weekends of my life. James and I turned up at Hong Kong Stadium with the plan to watch the finals in the free village but the village itself was tiny and looked tres boring so we found a couple of ticket touts and got ourselves in. We headed straight for the South Stand which is THE place to be and everyone is having a good time dressed in ‘god knows what’ fancy dress costumes. Brilliant stuff! Anyway, we watched game after game in the gorgeous sun having fun with all of our new found friends just enjoying the atmosphere. Some of the teams players came into the stand so I got a couple of photos of the French team (oh the irony) and saw a few of the Argentinians. They’re all so good looking! Note to young, free, single women, the stadium was 70% full of men – a great place to be 😀 I went down to the fence to get a close-up photo of the England team and got to shake a couple of their hands and congratulate them which was fun before having my bum grabbed by a guy who I was ready to hit before turning out and realising it was one of the Italian team – so exactly like their skeezy stereotype I’m afraid lol.

The finals came to an end with beer showers over the stalls and everyone chanting along to Sweet Caroline amongst others. James was heading out to Wan Chai with his new friends but I was beat so just told him I’d meet him today before he went on to China. BUT when I was walking back to the metro, I got talking to some guys called Dave and Lee and others (Dave, it turned out used to live just down the road from me when he was younger!) haha. Anyway, long story short (and a few piggy backs later)…they convinced me to go out and before I even knew what was happening I was partying in Lan Kwai Fong with half the Scottish rugby team! Turns out that Dave and Lee used to go to Uni with a couple of them! It really is a case of who you know not what you know around here! The night went on, we laughed hard, partied hard and we all ended up back in their hotel’s bar…I think we were in a Hilton or Sheraton…I could get used to luxury! Unfortunately, you will be getting no photos of this night as it appeared that once you joined the entourage as it were, cameras were a ‘no no’. Scotty the Hotty (rugby player I got talking to) explained that since all the recent tabloid scandals involving high-class sportsman, that they were on complete ‘lock down’…booooo 🙁 Bloody good job I have a great memory is all I can say. Well, the night went on and I soon forgot about Dave and his gang as Scotty the Hotty and I stuck ourselves in the corner of the bar and didn’t move all night. We talked about all subjects including laughing about Family Guy to debating philosophy and everything else in between. And yes, the night did end with a private party with Scotty the Hotty. And that’s all the details you’re getting. I’m not telling you which player it was, his age or even what he looked like – I’m not a ‘kiss and tell’ money-grabber; I have standards! And before you say anything…there was nothing seedy about it…we talked for about 4 hours before the ‘private party’. He said it was nice to have a proper conversation and that he missed his family back home (awww) though that doesn’t mean I had any false expectations of what we both had planned for the night mawahaha. So none of this ‘you’re a groupie’ crap…I would have stayed the night, rugby player or not…he was drop dead gorgeous and had a body to die for! End of discussion haha

Today was nice and relaxed. Went to meet James for lunch before he headed off to China and then I took the ferry over to Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha which was pretty cool…A LOT of steps though :p Now I’m just having a quick rest before heading out for dinner and to see where the night takes me.

The next time I’ll speak to you I’ll probably be in Thailand though I haven’t even booked my flights yet – oops!

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  1. Eternally Distracted

    You sound so happy, lively and bubbly… you go girl!!! Woo hoooo

  2. You do sound happy! And I am not a big fan of the French and I don’t even have a stand full of people to blame it on.