The almighty Victoria Falls – Zambia

I’m going to go ahead and admit something shocking; I wasn’t that impressed when I first saw Victoria Falls Zambia


Victoria Falls - Zambia

It’s an amazing place but because I was there in the dry season, it just wasn’t a ‘wow’ place since, instead of the continual sheet of water thundering over the top, there were several smaller (but still huge) waterfalls, the gorge seemed smaller than I thought it would be and it just didn’t set my heart on fire as much as I thought it would. Rumour has it (and from what we could see) the Zimbabwe side is much better in dry season. Victoria Falls isn’t perfectly flat, it tilts like a set of scales and the Zambia side is at the top meaning that all the water heads into the Zimbabwe side so remember that if and when you visit…a stop in both countries might be all worthwhile!

However, the beauty that I saw whilst at Victoria Falls Zambia? That’s a whole other story because I fell in love with it. Seeing rainbows everywhere, the beautiful views of the gorge and being able to walk on the very edge of Victoria Falls in Zambia more than made up for my initial disappointment. As you walk along the viewpoint trail and bridge you have these almighty views surrounding you. Rainbows to your right, rafting gorges to your left and another country right in front of you; it’s hard not to fall in love with Victoria Falls in Zambia.  

Victoria Falls is a beautiful place with a lot of activities offered against its backdrop and you can even walk with lions locally or play a game of golf.  Golf may not sound exciting to you but if you love the sport and want amazing views, it’s definitely the place to do it.  I used to play when I was younger and let me tell you, there are plenty of golf courses around the world that offer you amazing scenery!


The rainbow is in Zambia but the spray in the canyon at the top of the photo? That's Zimbabwe! 🙂




The beauty of Victoria Falls, Zambia

One of the best things about seeing Victoria Falls Zambia in the dry season is the fact that, away from the fenced view point, you can walk over the falls themselves. Actually get off the track, walk over rocks and see the view from the very edge of Victoria Falls Zambia over 100m up. You do it at completely your own risk but the pay off is incredible!


Walking over the top of Victoria Falls!


The rainbow of Vic Falls

I think I was more nervous about climbing over the rocks and dropping my camera than I was sitting at the edge of Victoria Falls Zambia but I faced my fear and climbed over into the middle of the falls to take this amazing photo.


I thought I was brave to sit here with a 100m+ drop beneath me...

That’s when I realised that there was a much better photo I could take…


...until I decided it was much cooler to dangle my legs over Victoria Falls! =D

Life is about being scared but living anyway right?!


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  1. Jen

    Ohhhhhh AMAZING PHOTOS!!! IT looks amazing even though it’s the dry season, I would LOVE to see in the wet one! You look uber cute x

  2. Dee

    Great pictures! You were lucky to acutally see the falls. I was there during the wet season in April and it looked SO different. The spray was so immense I couldn’t see anything and I was soaking wet after 2 minutes. 🙂

  3. Wowza!

    Man……..! I’d love to dangle my legs over. You have no idea how jealous I am right now.

    Were you initially disappointed because you got caught up in the hype?

    Ed x

  4. You have taken some incredible photos, it must have been amazing to have seen them up close. I would love to go back to Zambia and visit Victoria Falls, I was brave enough to have laid on the edge of the waterfall, it was a life changing experience.

  5. Jen – I think Vic Falls always makes incredible photos…never has an off day! From the sounds of it, you can’t even seen the falls in wet season the spray is so intense but would love to give it a go! 🙂

  6. Dee – thanks! Yes, I heard you (and your camera) can get soaked in the wet season – so maybe it’s a good thing I saw it when I did…at least I got to see it up close! 🙂

  7. Ed – Love that word ‘wowza’ haha. It’s an incredible experience. There was something ever so tempting about wanting to jump though…leant over a little too much at one point and scared myself lol. Yes, I think, because I’d always seen the Falls in documentaries etc with one continual sheet of water, I thought it would always be like that, to some degree, even in the dry season so it was a bit of a disappointment but still incredible!

  8. Mahlatini – Thank you…it was definitely an incredible experience to be able to walk over the Falls themselves and peer over the edge! Did you do the Devil’s Pool?

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