The emotions of a newbie backpacker

There is a lot to be said about the ‘countdown’ to travelling.

The ‘ticks on a calendar’ and the ‘T-minus blah blah blahs’. They are filled with excitement and you struggle to sleep more than a kid high on sugar waiting to go to Disney World. But for a first (or even second in my case) time backpacker, the countdown is something that you both love and yet, hate for turning you into a neurotic mess.

Within any 24 hour period you are likely to go from ‘OMG I can’t believe I’m going to….’ to ‘OMG I can’t do this, I need to cancel everything’ with a whole load of other rollercoaster emotions inbetween. Oh! And let’s not forget that you’ll probably be so emotional you’ll cry over the most ridiculous of things like, you know, when Harry Potter cries over his friend’s death *ahem*

Sure, you’re super excited to leave; I mean who wouldn’t? You’re about to ditch the parentals and their rules (together with their looks of disapproval and rolling in at 4am – pfft they did it all and more in their day I’m sure) for a prolonged period of time. You’ll have no work and, more importantly, no ego-effected boss to listen to and the weather, wherever you’re going, is likely to be a million times better than where you’re living. BUT (and this but is bigger than Kim Kardashian’s)…you are INCREDIBLY SCARED.

You’re about to head out into the big wide world all by your lonesome and you’ve spent months listening to everyone and their ’10 pennies/cents/euros etc etc’ worth of advice which is usually just something they’ve stolen from the Guardian newspaper or a ‘friend of a friend’s child’ story.

Within a week you’re expected to have lost of all your luggage, been attacked, got lost for a period of more than 4 hours, cried from lack of English-speakers around, got so drunk you couldn’t find your way back home (even clicking red heels didn’t work) and have caught an STI from your first ‘private party’. Yep, welcome to hell.

However, the minute after all of those negative thoughts have rushed through your head you will land on the cusp of realising just how life-changing your adventure is going to be. You’re not starting a new job or moving around the country. You are leaving your entire life behind to define a path for yourself in the complete unknown (ok, not so ‘unknown’ since EVERYTHING is online these days but you get my drift). You can party until the sun rises, lay in bed until dinner time or lose yourself meditating in a Buddhist monestry.

Quite frankly, the run up/countdown to extensive travelling is, well, exhausting!

You’re telling the world that you can’t wait and you’re incredibly excited etc but you’re secretly wearing an adult diaper for all the poop you’re crapping in your pants. Non-travellers don’t understand why you’re so hesitant to get on the plane, why one minute you’re jumping with excitement and the next you want to cancel your flights.

I’m not a seasoned backpacker, I’m still new at this game. Big trips like this still scare the bejeebers outta me but, as I’ve said before, it’s all about faking it till you make it. Keep telling yourself that everyone will be okay and it will be work out eventually.


p.s. We are currently at T-minus 5 days =D

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  1. Tom

    Eek I’m so excited for you, following your Facebook page as well! I’m sure it’ll be awesome! Think of us all heading into winter as you’ll be sunning it up in Africa, grr! 😉

  2. “The ‘ticks on a calendar’ and the ‘T-minus blah blah blahs’. They are filled with excitement and you struggle to sleep more than a kid high on sugar waiting to go to Disney World.”


    Have I said I freakin’ love you? Umm yeah, I LOVE YOU!

    =) T minus 7 days for my Puerto Rico trip!! WOOT WOOT!!!!

  3. Tom – I LOVE that you’re stalking me on here and on Facebook 😀 My seasons are going to be so messed up this year…I’m leaving Britain in our Summer, going through Africa in its Spring and coming back in Autumn – talk about a head trip lol. I can’t wait for you to ‘join me’ on my travels lovely 🙂

  4. Maria – Awww you just put a huge smile on my face hun 😀 I LOVE your comment and I freaking love you too little lady 🙂
    I can’t wait to come back and read all about your trip and see you in your dress…exciting times ahead for the pair of us!! 🙂

  5. Heather

    Oh I remember the roller coaster of emotions and tears and lack of sleep pre-Oz. I was doing what I had been dreaming about so I shouldn’t have been Angsty McAngst, right?!

    Hang in girl — 5 more days and you’re off!! Sending loads of virtual hugs your way.

  6. Heather – it’s funny how we all seem to ‘go through the motions’ before we get on the plane…just because they are our dream trips, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be nervous before them; it’s a big unknown and you probably worry that things won’t turn out as well as you hope. Hugging you right back girlie 🙂

  7. I’ve been sooooo busy lately that I haven’t had any Toni time and now you’re getting ready to pack up 🙁

  8. Elle – girl I’ve TOTALLY missed Swimmy time 🙁 You’re just going to have to e-mail me constantly with gossip etc 🙂

  9. YAY! I am so excited for you girl! We gotta keep in touch through email so I can hear all of your exciting stories before everyone else! hahahaha!

  10. Sheryll – sorry sweet but you’re just going to have to wait your turn for the gossip…unless it’s just TOO juicy to share in public 😀

  11. Haha. I love your description of the emotions of getting ready for a big trip. Fake it till you make it. So true!

  12. Christy – Excitement and dread all rolled into one 😀