The last stop before normality…

Arrived safe and sound in Bali (after an hour going through immigration!)…my last destination before hell, sorry, home haha. To be honest, I’m not really thinking about going back at the moment; feels a bit too surreal that my time is almost over already. It’s cloudy and dark and there are thunderstorms forecast on Thursday for my birthday so I’m not sure if I’ll be doing anything but we’ll wait and see.

Singapore was great fun though I walked so much I wanted to chop my legs off by the end of it lol. Not to the mention the fact that I STILL had my cold (and still do!!) which made things harder but Swan, the girl I met up with, made everything perfect.

She met me at the airport, carried my small (but heavy) bag and even bought me a prepaid travel card for the MRT…she was an absolute star! And kept me in constant supply of tissues which was very much appreciated haha. I dropped my bag at the hostel and quickly changed before heading to Lau Pat Sat for dinner as she had been craving food there for the last month haha. And afterwards we took a long walk from Clarke Quay to the Esplanade and back again, taking in the sights of the city in lights…Swan said that I’d made her feel like a tourist in her own city haha.

Friday was spent going around Chinatown with a cute Irish guy from my hostel (as Swan was working) which was nice. He was going home after a year of travelling and it was fun to swap travel stories. We also went into a Buddhist temple which was stunning!! I said ‘goodbye’ in the afternoon and Swan and I went over to the Night Safari in the evening which was great!! Like going to the zoo only you walk around in the dark watching animals act like they would in the wild including seeing flying squirrels actually fly haha. It was heaving though because it was a public holiday but it added to the atmosphere. The walk around the trails takes about an hour so we were happy to jump on the tram for the last 30minutes of our tour before heading home…we were sooooo tired!

And Saturday. God, what a day. I haven’t walked that far since I went to Paris last year. We went to Orchard Road for the whole day!! Though the only good grace was that we were in and out of air conditioning to cool us down 🙂 And yes I bought a couple of things…so sue me…it was a shopping street and the Big Sale (two months of sale shopping) had begun lol. We ended our day at sunset on the Flyer which is a bigger version of the London Eye which gave us great views of the city! After that we grabbed some dinner in a HUGE food court – I’ve never seen anything like it…so many people! lol.

And before I knew it it was time to leave Singapore and my new found friend Swan. She was amazing! She’s absolutely obsessed with the UK and everyone and everything in it and can’t wait to move there next year bless her. I miss her already and am so glad that she decided to e-mail me that day and start a new friendship!

Love you Swan!! 😀

And here are a couple of overdue Dear Mr letters (as far back as Koh Samui)…

Dear Joke of a Man,
It was bad enough seeing your girlfriend with shoulder length hair having it in braids…she looked about 27. But you have the same length hair AND you had it braided. If that’s not bad enough, you’ve braided it in Reggae colours; how ridiculous are you trying to make yourself look? God help you if you show your holiday snaps to your friends.
Love, Laughing Before Your Friends Do

Dear Cold,
I would really appreciate it if you would just FUCK OFF! It’s been almost 10 days and you’re still affecting my ability to do anything requiring eating/drinking and keeping up my strength. It’s getting beyond a joke though at least it’s not malaria!
Signed; Too weak to be angry

Dear Boobs,
Where in the hell do you think you’re going? I mean, I know I’ve lost a little weight but nowhere near enough to warrant you disappearing! You SUCK! I was just beginning to appreciate your nice new size as well 🙁
As Always; Bee Stings aka Fried Eggs

Dear Home,
I’m not happy that I have to see you again so soon but there are a few things about you that have got me really excited! Tuna mayo/cheese mayo sandwich’s, a classic English BBQ, watching movies on MY t.v in MY bed, sweets and, most importantly of all, painting my nails!! Woo!
Lovingly, Eyecant Weight

Well, that’s me done for the night.
You probably won’t hear from me until my birthday on Thursday when I’ll let you know what I’ve done to celebrate. Other than that, despite being in a hostel, my cold is making me feel pretty unsociable so I plan on just keeping myself to myself for a couple of days and trying to get myself somewhere that resembles ‘better’.


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  1. Alison

    Happy Birthday Toni. We hope you have a good day whatever you decide to do.

    Alison and Grandma