The life and travelling goals of an impatient traveller

I’m a talker but very rarely a ‘do-er’;I set relatively impossible tasks (so I can justify quitting) or get no encouragement so I quit before I’ve even begun; that’s about to change.

I’ve given myself some goals and by telling you I am giving you permission to kick my butt if I don’t put in the effort to achieve them or start trying to wiggle out of them.

I haven’t even come back from Africa yet but I’ve already set the travelling goals of a lifetime…

-To get myself to Australia on a working holiday visa by 2013.  I want to do 2 years in Oz and then move on to 2 years in New Zealand.  I HAVE to get there in 2 years otherwise, with the working holiday visa age limit of 30, I’ll be too old and decrepit to apply for the New Zealand visa…doh!

-However, that gives me plenty of time to achieve the other big goal – it gives me 2 years to make this slice of internet heaven a success.  That gives me time to enhance my writing (although realistically, I’m top notch already haha) and make enough to start funding my travels.

-The ‘problem’ with the blog goal however is that I’m actually going to have to start learning some stuff; properly.  You know, read stuff about SEO etc and possibly get a new website design to make it more ‘travel appropriate’…total yawn!  Think I’ll be knocking on The Aussie Nomad’s door for a bit of this haha

Start ticking things off the bucket list (which I’m in the process of updating) and head out to a couple of places in Europe before I go to the other side of the world and beyond =)

-Finally get around to writing proper guides and ‘to do’ lists for all the places I’ve visited (that I know enough and remember about each place to justify the guides); home, Paris, Dominican Republic, Jersey (the island not New Jersey although there is a link!), Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Bali and let’s not, of course, forget the guides I’ll be writing for Acacia Africa when I return =)

To sell as much of my crap stuff as humanly possible to make as much moola as I can before I leave.  There will be some exceptions to the rule though…special photos in frames etc.  I mean, after all, mum does need to remember that she once had a kid that lived on her property!

Learn to drive. Yeah, I know. I’m 25.  Please don’t laugh at me…when I was 17 I was still hitting the self-destruct button and when I came out of it properly aged 18/19 I was contributing to a mortgage and household bills with my ex before saving for travelling so I haven’t had a clear chance…yet.

-And so to fund the driving etc I will need to get a second job.  It can’t be too many hours as I already do 40 in my full time job and, as I am quickly finding out (yes, I’m slow to catch up), if you want to make your blog work, it also seems to count as another job but every little helps even if it just helps pay off my loan a little faster. *BREAKING NEWS* As I type this draft (9.7.11), I have just bagged myself a second job!!! Woo!!  And it’s a bar job too – perfect for working around my day job and will only be 1 or 2 shifts a week!  Ahead of schedule already?  Oh yeah, I’m loving this!

I really hope that you’ll join me on this life journey and help my success along the way!

What are YOUR life/travelling goals?!

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  1. im excited for you toni… my goal is also to travel continuously for 2-3 years… i hope i would be able to do it 🙂 it would all depend on money LOL… and then after that I want to buy a small land in the Philippines (preferably in el nido) and become a farmer or hostel owner (near the beach)…if in case that dream would come true… you’re welcome to stay in one of my beach cottages 🙂 …

  2. @Flip – Thanks! Your dream sounds like perfection and I’ll definitely be one of the first visitors to stay in your hostel =D You sound like you have some great plans as well. Fingers crossed we both get what we want =)

  3. My goals almost match yours goal for goal. However, replace a work visa for Australia with a teaching position in Thailand (you’re the first person I’ve told that!). Thailand has be calling me lately so once schools wraps up, I’m planning on applying for jobs teaching English over there. I’ll apply in other countries as well but Thailand is my first choice.

    I’ve already started the process of weeding through all my belongings so I can get rid of it all. I’ve donated a ton and I’ve thrown a lot away.

  4. I’ll kick your butt in to making sure those goals are complete! You take every opportunity to kick mine.. so fairs fair! haha

  5. @Dan – quit moaning; you love it when I kick your butt =) Hoping you’ll be around to help me tick off some of the goals =)

  6. @Elle – I REALLY hope we get the chance to meet one day sweet; we sound so alike =) And I’m totally honoured that I’m the first person you’ve told about your Thailand dream; I bow to you =D Have you been to Thailand before? Freaking love that place! I’ve already got rid of a load of mine but now it’s time to SELL stuff and actually make some money from it instead of just giving it away =D

  7. I hope our paths cross as well. I think we’d have a hell of a time together! I haven’t been to Thailand before but this decision feels right. If I can’t get a placement there, I’ll settle for elsewhere.

    I donated a ton of stuff to charities but I’ve only listed (and sold) 1 thing on Craigslist. I’m going to start photographing everything next so I can put it up there.

  8. Nice post! The fact that you’re at the goal setting stage is important, but you are right that you’ll have to follow through on them. I’ve found that by being frugal whenever possible that I’ve been able to save up for my backpacking journeys in one year or less. I find that knowing I’ll be on the road in less than a year allows me to make sacrifices I wouldn’t normally be willing to make if it were a 2-3 savings project 🙂

  9. @NomadSam – I think that’s why I wrote them out on here – to make me accountable to myself and others…makes it harder to quit when you have an audience right?! Like you, I think knowing that I have just 2 years until the ‘big move’ but with shorter trips in between, it’s going to make it all easier to aim for and hopefully achieve! =)

  10. How did I miss this before?! Was this just before I met you? Glad you linked to this in your most recent post 🙂

  11. Heather – Must have been just before we started talking yes – glad you enjoyed the link. Fingers crossed I manage to achieve everything on it 🙂