The Rollercoaster has been fixed but waiting for a passenger…

Ok, Mr Officer and I aren’t ‘back on track’ so to speak but we’ll be fine.

On Wednesday I caved in and text him asking if I was missing some really big hints or if he still wanted to see me because I wanted to know where I stood. Cue me thinking that I wouldn’t hear from him for hours, if at all. Well, ten minutes later he replied saying that he liked me a lot and wanted to see me again but that life was just getting on top of him right now and he apologised for his lack of contact. I thanked him for his honesty (because I was just pleased to know where I stood) and left it at that. Five minutes after that he text me saying that he would understand if I wanted to leave him due to his busy life etc but I told him that I happened to think he might be worth the wait and I’d still be here. He loved the idea and said sorry for his lack of contact. So everything is ‘A okay’ ladies and gents. We both gave each other an ‘out’ and neither of us took it. I’m not putting my life on hold for him but I’m not looking for anyone else either; we’ll get there in the end 🙂

And a completely random bit of news – I was on the tele on Wednesday night. Ok, not me personally but my voice was lol. I was watching QVC because they had an hour of Nails Inc (and if you don’t know that I’m obsessed with QVC and Nails Inc then you have clearly been living under a rock) and was thinking that every time the presenters talk to a customer they always seem to be an OAP with a strong Northern accent and hard of hearing so thought I would ‘represent’ the younger audience and I actually got to speak to them! I’d met Helen (the co-founder of Nails Inc) last December and so got to say hello to her and Charlie (the presenter) and it was great fun not least because Helen couldn’t quite believe it when I said that I had 82 bottles and the collection was every-growing…Charlie called it ‘dedication’; I think my family and friends would call it an addiction. :p

In travel-related news, I was reading my Lonely Planet magazine the other day and noticed, on the back page, an advert for an adventure travel weekend exhibition being held in London at the end of January so I’m going. It’s got all sorts of ‘travel journalists’ talking and practical things about what to do if you find yourself kidnapped/how to stay healthy on your journey etc; it looks really fun but informative so thought I would use my initiative and head on up there – how exciting!

Lady T (and her friend D) and I went out for some drinks last night and what a disaster it was. She’s a lovely girl but we have been drifting apart of late (ever since we went to Paris together actually) and it was blatantly apparent last night. She spent most of the night talking over me, barely even looked at me (and didn’t seem interested in what I said when I did talk) and talked about friends and people I didn’t know about, needless to say that I was happy to get home. It’s such a shame. We were really close at the end of last year/beginning of this year but its different now. I think because of everything that has happened this year, whether I realised it or not, I’ve changed and I’m starting to think that maybe Lady T doesn’t fit into my life anymore like I don’t with hers. Sad.

On the upside though Mr Officer text me out of the blue last night (I think he’s feeling guilty for his lack of contact) so it was nice to say hello. And when he stopped texting I was fine, actually I was better than fine, I was really okay about it all. I think, in my head, I have finally reached a happy medium. I know he likes me and we’ve established that neither of us want to see anyone else and to be honest, since I’m going travelling, I don’t want to actively look for anyone so ‘waiting’ for him is a really good thing for me. I’m happily researching my travels and carrying on with life and when Mr Officer is ready to come back into my life, I’ll be here with open arms, a kiss and maybe a present from Santa 😉

p.s. It’s Friday lunchtime and Mr Officer text me again…we had a nice little conversation and then I didn’t text back…I think I’m getting better at this lol

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  1. Do you have a link for the London thing? (Or is that too stalker-ish a question?! Just sounds like fun.)

  2. I am glad that you have reached a good point with Mr Officer. I think that the no pressure way is the way to go!

  3. Toni

    Rachel – (I think that’s it); maybe I’ll see you there?!

    OTIN – I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve heard from him Thursday, Friday and Saturday; we’ve definitely reached a good point and I can’t wait to see him again!

  4. I’ve had friends like Lady T – you grow and change and at some point they no longer are the same ‘fit’ in your life that they once were. A good friend of mine told me once that in your lifetime, you’ll be able to count TRUE friends on one hand. So far he’s been right about that!

    Sounds like you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing about Mr. Officer – relaxing and just letting things happen on their own timing. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 🙂